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We are pleased to inform you about another way that you can increase your on-line exposure. You may already be aware of our online library of health articles, but you may not be aware that you can submit your own articles to be published.

Getting your own articles published

Getting your own article published brings with it some great benefits:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge and experience - increase browsers confidence in your expertise

  • Establish yourself as a health writer - by getting published

  • If you are paying for advertising on WWH, increase exposure to site visitors - your contact details and a paragraph about you can appear with your published article...

Writing Articles

The real trick to writing good articles is to write about your own area of expertise. There are two kinds of article we are looking for:

What is..?

These are articles that explain and define health practices and techniques. Some titles we already have include - What is Indian Head Massage? What is Scenar Therapy? and What is CranioSacral Therapy?
Click here to view our What is..? section to know more.

General News/Information

These are articles that discuss relevant health issues and topics. Some titles we already have include - A Question of Weight, The Dangers of Aluminium in Make-up and Toiletries, and General Exersise Guidelines.
Click here to view our General Health Articles section to know more .

We are looking for both kinds of article, so if you feel you can benefit from writing about your own area of expertise you can begin today. All articles are reviewed by our editorial staff, so you will have help and advice on hand to make your article ready for publishing.

Use of Articles

All articles submitted to Worldwidehealth.com after receiving editor approval, will be submitted to the relevent search engines to attract direct feeds from the world wide web. Your article will automatically carry the Worldwidehealth disclaimer and terms; which are, that the article is the opinion of the author and not of Worldwidehealth.com and that WorldwideHealth.com makes no claims regarding this information. WorldwideHealth.com recommends that all medical conditions should be treated by a physician competent in treating that particular condition. WorldwideHealth.com takes no responsibility for customers choosing to treat themselves, that any use of this information is at the risk of the reader and that all use of this this information is governed by Worldwidehealth.com terms and conditions. Once an article is submitted to Worldwidehealth.com it becomes an integeral part and ownership of the website and will be subject to incoming and outgoing links (both word and page links alike) of similar material so as to give the reader the best choice of available material to the subject matter.  All articles submitted to Worldwidehealth.com will become part of the Worldwidehealth.com website, articles will remain as permanent site content for an indefinate period of time, even if the account holder closes his/her membership with Worldwidehealth.com all such articles will remain as property information of Worldwidehealth.com All articles submitted by the account holder will be attributed to the author by a direct link to other articles submitted and will always carry the personal contact details of the author as listed.

Article Guidelines

Because not everyone is familiar with article writing we have prepared some guidelines to help you avoid common mistakes and get your article published.

1. Be factual. Please ensure that any claims made in the article are factual and can be supported by evidence.

2. Avoid advertising. Many authors are also practitioners, as such there can be a tendency to include information that is specific only to their own business. Try to take a completely unbiased approach to article writing, concentrating on general facts that apply to the method or technique wherever it may be practiced. This will greatly improve the value of the article and make it more likely to be accepted for publication. Remember, your name and company details will appear with each published article that you submit.

3. Avoid Plagiarism. This is when an author takes the work of another but claims it is their own work. Plagiarism is very serious and could lead to legal action against those who do it.

Some useful notes on avoiding plagiarism can be found at the following websites:

Please note that even when quoting and citing sources, an author can only use up to about 300 words of another's work, before permission must be granted by the copyright holder. This is called fair use.

1. Respect Copyright. Please only submit your own original work, using the work of others without permission from the copyright holder, even when properly quoted and sources are referenced, may be considered a breach of copyright and could lead to legal action.

2. Check spelling and grammar. Wherever possible please run finished articles through a spell check and grammar check.

3. Watch your word count. To be sure that your article is not either too short or too long, we recommend that "what is..?" articles be between 300 and 500 words, and other articles be between 500 and 1000 words.

4. Balanced article content. To be a useful article, the best approach is to write for an audience that has never heard of the subject of your article and knows nothing about it.

5. Good article structure. By dividing your article into three basic sections; Introduction, Message, and Conclusion, your information will be more easily understood and the reader will quickly be able to determine if the article is of interest to them. Ideally, the introduction should provide a brief overview of the article message, the message is your main article, and the conclusion should sum-up the article in one short paragraph.

What Happens after my article is submitted?

Once we have received your article it will be reviewed by our staff. This is nothing to be concerned about. As they read they may make recommended changes to help the article fit with our site, or request more information on certain aspects of the article.

Once past this stage the amended article is emailed back to you for your comments, tweaks and approval. Our aim is to help you produce a top quality article that you will be pleased to put your name to. Although we cannot write the article for you, we will offer suggestions and recommendations to help you achieve that.

Once the final draft has been approved by you and our staff, the article will be published with your name. If you are paying for advertising on WorldwideHealth then depending on the grade of advertising you have bought information will be included at the foot of the article to allow readers to contact your business.

I hope you will find the time to submit an article to us and gain the benefits of increased exposure.

For WorldwidegHealth.com to accept your submission you must accept the following terms and conditions. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully and then indicate your acceptance.

I have read and understood the instructions above.
I have read and accept the terms and conditions.
I am aged 18 years or older.
I am the author of the article I am submitting and have full copyright authority for the same.