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For the expanding to large Health Company

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Your Directory Home Page Advert goes here. This is the first impression a visitor will have of your company; they will see this listing if they come directly to you by clicking on a topic in the left hand menu titled ‘Find Out About or if they click on the ‘Directory yellow tab, both on the Home Page. You have approximately, up to 7 or 8 lines of text to describe in summary what your company offers. You can highlight some of your Products and/or your Services, you could give an introduction to your Training Courses or describe your Resources. Browsers like to read about associated features and benefits that... view more >
Benefits to the PLATINUM Package are as follows:-
check A full page listing with up to 1000 words, logo and 5 additional images
check Full contact details, including optional fax and cell phone numbers and a link to a pre-generated map of your location with directions how to find you.
check A contact form for browsers to easily contact you while looking at your information
check A Block Ad in all the categories relevant to the services / products you offer- each Block Ad will link to your full page listing.
check Listed in multiple Counties, so if you offer therapists services to their residents they know that you can service them.
check Unlimited training courses, distance learning courses, products, books, dvds, cds, equipment and articles- each will also link to your full page listing.
check Direct traffic to your listings from the search engines by tagging each of them with specific keywords.
check Premium Membership access to add/edit/delete your listings whenever you like.
check Statistical breakdown (weekly/monthly/all time) for each of your listings- showing views, weblink clicks, CTR and inquiries.
check Featured every other MONTH on worldwidehealth.com homepage
check Your company name will link to your full page advert listing.
Complementary Alternative Medicine, Natural Remedies, Alternative Health Articles
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