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What is Aloe Vera- the miracle plant?

What is Aloe Vera? Aloe Vera is often called the Miracle Plant. It goes by many names, which may include The Natural Healer, The Burn Plant or The Miracle Plant.

Aloe Vera

Very few plants are as well known or as highly thought of as the Aloe vera plant. Aloe is recorded throughout history and is known world-wide.

What is in your smoothie?

A smoothie can be a deliciously healthy way to fortify the body with fruits, vegetables, minerals and vitamins. Smoothies are quick and easy to make; the only things needed are the ingredients and a blender.

Aloe Vera - Natures Healer

"Four vegetables are indispensable for the well being of man:Wheat, the grape, the olive and aloe.The first nourishes him, the second raises his spirit,The third brings him harmony, and the fourth cures him".

What is Aloe Vera?

Although there are many Aloe's, the term Aloe Vera ("true Aloe") refers to the Aloe Barbadensis Miller. Fully grown the plant stands 60 to 90 cm high, and a mature leaf is 7 to 10 cm across at the base, weighing 1.

Aloe Vera - Whole Leaf vs Inner Gel

Ensuring you take true Aloe VeraAloe Vera has a bitter taste which can be unpleasant in the raw state. It is possible to get used to the taste of plain Aloe Vera gel, but if you can't the addition of some fruit juice helps to make it more palatable.

Aloe Vera: Myth or Medicine?

Back to nature:Aloe Vera is a medicinal herb that has been used by mankind for thousands of years. It has acquired the nicknames 'nature's gift' 'the miracle plant', 'the potted physician' and many more.

Organic Bedrooms and Effects on Your Health

Problem: Synthetic mattresses are known to contain polyester, nylon, boric acid, PBDE's, and other synthetic and petroleum based materials.

How to Colon Cleanse - 5 Expert Tips

If you're considering colon cleansing for the first time, the choices can seem overwhelming.  Herbal cleanses, oxygen cleanses, fiber programs, specialized diets, fasting and more are all on the colon cleansing market.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

An organic apple a day keeps the doctor and the pounds awayOne of today’s great debates is whether or not organic fruits and vegetables are better for us than chemically enhanced crops.

Garlic’s ability to lower blood pressure

Garlic has been long known for its natural health benefits, from treating the common cold, the flu or decreasing acne. An Australian study was made to see the abilities garlic has to lower blood pressure.

Do you have at least five fruits and vegetables daily?

A study conducted in the UK has the results that suggest that people in the United Kingdom should be listening to their nation wide dietary advice in order to improve their quality of health.

Let the holiday menu fight the flu

As with all seasons there is a new load of seasonal goods that are harvested and in bounty, the winter is no exception. Why not take the opportunity to optimize your health this Christmas season by integrating some foods that will fight the flu and other winter viruses.

What is Organic?

You have heard organic this, organic that. Maybe you think it's a load of talk, maybe you are a hard core organic lover or maybe you just don't care.

Demand and Supply in the Food Industry

     Go and look around with full awareness in a Supermarket or any other type of business, which is selling the normal food, many people eat today.

The Dangerous Truth About Distilled Water

Distillation is indeed one of the most common and cheapest water filtration methods there is. But are you sure about the health effects of drinking distilled water? In the distillation process, water is boiled and is evaporated.

News Articles

Organic food not nutritionally better than conventionally produced food

An independent review commissioned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) shows that there are no important differences in the nutrition content, or any additional health benefits, of organic food when compared with conventionally produced food.

Organic or local?

ST. PAUL, USA - The emerging trend toward healthier, fresher foods that are also gentle on the environment presents new dilemmas for conscientious consumers.

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