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Dori Strait
Amy Falcon
Jeff Larsen
Dr. Barbara Cunningham
Bibiana Geller
Dean Thornton
Philip Sutton
Beth Pumerantz
Sayun Scotton
Kate Jordan, CMT, JSCC
Neil Rand
Rerererere Erererere
Dr. Maureen King
Lisa Sayegh, RN, LMT
Ramtin Pourvasei
Linda Bloom
Robin Friedman
Healing Today
Sheri Heller
JoAnna Killam
Cynthia Clabuesch
Victoria Steele
Peter Strisik, Ph.D.
Bernard Bloom
Mark Smith
Carole Chasin, MFT
Wan-Mei Woo
Nanette Rousseau
Sharon Urhahn
Janel Fairchild

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