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4 best facial treatments for the winter
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The winter weather can have a harsh impact on your skin, as the temperatures drop and your body becomes drained of moisture. As a result, we see our skin become rough and it gains reactions that change our appearance. The skin develops redness, flakes and overall a saturated colour to what we normally look like.


Luckily, if you’re still fearing the worst for your skin over the winter period there are rejuvenation treatments that are available that can bring life to your skin once again. Here are some facial treatments that you can consider that can make your complexion and give it the life that it needs during the cold months.

Chemical peels

The purpose of chemical peels are to increase the production of collagen, providing your skin with cells that are full of life as the dead cells are removed.This can give your skin a smoother appearance and light complexion. There are different strengths that the treatment can be conducted which provides the benefit of dealing with any skin concerns that you may have such pigmentation or wrinkles. In general, this type of treatment can help to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin to provide a bit of clarity in the skin.

Anti-aging treatments

It’s important to maintain anti-aging treatments even through the winter, as the cold weather can be extremely harsh on the skin, which causes the face to change in appearance, even after treatment. Anti-aging treatments can provide a visible improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. The follow up facials then help to maintain the results. This is conducted by performing cleansing and exfoliation facials on the skin. This helps to remove dirt and oil that has formed over time. Finally, a cream is applied to the skin to help tackle signs of ageing and provide moisture to the skin.


A form of minimally invasive treatment, dermabrasion helps to promote the production of collagen and repair the skin that may have been damaged previously. It uses suction technology to improve the overall appearance of the skin, providing a smoother texture and a brighter complexion of the skin. 

Laser treatments

These can be a great alternative to standard plastic surgery Manchester-based procedures where you’re looking to improve the appearance of your facial features. This is because laser treatments can practically tackle any skin concern, whether it’s acne, scarring or any other concerns you may have. It uses laser technology to tackle certain areas of the skin directly and provides immediate results, which is why many patients choose to have the treatment.

Facial treatments to tackle winter 

Winter can be extremely harsh on your skin as it goes through several temperature changes and weather conditions. By opting to have facial treatments, it can prevent your skin from becoming victim to these types of conditions and have it glowing throughout the cold months. 

By Jennifer Ranking
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4 best facial treatments for the winter
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