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5 Methods to Healthier Food at Home
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I love cooking at home but the problem is that I really do not know how to cook healthy. Over the years I have learned from friends, family, and different resources online on how to cook healthy while still having it taste good.


1. Use Spices Instead of Salt

Salt has always been very important in the culinary world because it adds flavor. Fortunately salt is not the only way to add flavor to food. There are hundreds of different spices and combinations of spices that can give flavor to your food. The nice thing about using spices and herbs is that they do not have the sodium that salt does. If you really can’t get the same flavor you are going for with your cooking without using salt then try to use as little as possible because too much sodium can be unhealthy for you.


2. Eat Vegetables and Fruit

I know that when I first started cooking my main focus would be on the main course. Because I wasn’t very good at cooking it took all of my time and energy to really make the main dish turn out good that I often neglected to include a side. One of the easiest ways to round out your diet and really hit all of the foods in the food pyramid are to add sides. If you notice that you have no vegetables in your main dish you can easily accompany your meal with a salad or a side of cooked vegetables. If you don’t have any grains in your meal then you can add a roll or slice of bread.


3. Cook Food Without Oil and Butter

Cooking food without oil and butter can be tricky because often times it tastes so much better that way. One way that you can cook without the oil and butter is by cooking things in the oven rather than cooking it in oil on the stove. Cooking it in the oven will give you a similar texture and cook that you might have wanted but sometimes that isn’t enough. Recently I started using an air fryer and it has completely changed my world. You can put food in the air fryer without any oil and in about 10-15 minutes your food is crispy and has a similar texture as if you had just cooked it in a pan of oil or butter. With the air fryer you are able to be healthier while at the same time enjoying your favorite foods the way they should be.


4. Avoid Using Cream

I had a hard time learning how to avoid using cream. Whether it be a pasta dish or a soup, I absolutely love putting cream in it because I like my dishes to feel thick. The problem with wanting a dish to feel thick and rich is that often times it really is not good for your health. The best alternative to using cream is to use a low-fat or skim milk and then adding flour into it during the cooking process. The flour will thicken it up and give it a similar texture and feel without using the oh so delicious but unhealthy cream if used too much.

By Mason Kelley
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5 Methods to Healthier Food at Home

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