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5 Natural Ways To Win Against Allergies
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An allergy refers to a type of body reaction on being exposed to any particular antigen. This biological activity can be a series of reactions to any substance or atmospheres like itching, difficulty in breathing, rashes or sneezing. Allergies are usually caused when the immune system is sensitive to certain items and starts sending damaging signals, affecting the whole body. Thus, you cannot stop it without proper diagnosis for which you require a medical professional’s assistance.

Allergy totally depends upon person to person. Some general allergies include:

•    Seasonal allergies occur due to the variations in season. It is also known as hay fever or rhinitis in medical terms.

•    Perennial allergies are those allergies which generally last for a longer period of time.

•    Food allergies are caused when the person is exposed to any specific food item or ingredient. Some common food items to which people are allergic to are wheat, fruits, soy, peanut, milk, garlic, egg, corn etc.

•    Drug or medicine related drugs

•    Dust and mold allergies

•    Animal allergies mostly associated with pets, insects.

What are the symptoms associated with such allergies?

There are different kinds of symptoms noted for different kinds of allergies. Here is the list of some basic symptoms:

•    Itchiness or tingling sensations near sensitive body parts

•    Skin rash, extreme dryness or redness

•    Congestion

•    Swollen lips, face or tongue

•    Vomiting and nausea

•    Coughing or heavy breathing

•    Diarrhea or cramps

•    Loss of consciousness

•    Dizziness

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What are the best experimented natural remedies to overcome an allergy?

•    Alkaline diet

To reduce the risk of allergy or overcome any current allergy, stop the intake of anti-flammatory items. Try to eat food which helps to repair the immune system and provides energy to it. With a stronger immune system, the possibilities of allergies will be lowered. Some of the best food items to intake are lemons, garlic, green leafy veggies, almond butter, coconut milk, gluten-free grains.

•    Apple cider vinegar

Professionals recommend apple cider vinegar as one of the tested remedies. Mix a spoon of vinegar and lemon juice in water and drink it on daily basis to ward off any such symptom.

•    Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle is an ancient medicinal cure which helps to relieve pain. It helps to treat problems like hay fever, joint pain, insect bites, sprain, urinary infections, etc. They mainly control histamine, the main chemical causing any type of allergy. It can be taken in form of tincture or tea.

•    Raw honey

Raw honey is available locally and is considered as a traditional remedy to treat allergy. A tablespoon of honey every day builds your immune system and offers required energy to the body. Since it contains bee pollen, it helps to remove infections. Honey also has certain enzymes which boost resistance to allergies.

•    Eucalyptus oil

Studies have proven that eucalyptus oil helps in reducing inflammation and detoxify the parasites and bacteria that may cause allergy.

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