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6 Inspiring Designs for Popcorn Boxes
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No matter where you live across the world you will always come across popcorn of many different flavors and one thing that surprises me as a manufacturer is the different types of popcorn boxes that are available.

Who doesn’t love popcorn? It’s the most bought snack in cinemas and one of the most selling and one of the most popular things to get as a snack in theme parks, you might have not thought about it but popcorn packaging is also very important to be eye-catching and worth looking! Here are some Unique and Inspiring Designs for Popcorn Boxes!

Old Movie Theater Style Popcorn Boxes

The old movie theater striped styled popcorn boxes, the vintage ones sold in theaters and theme parks back in the ’90s. Of course, some theaters still have custom popcorn boxes, and they’re still a hit in theme parks, but you won’t see those type of boxes in every new and modern cinema or park, and they could be really unique and eye-catching if sold with some popcorn in the right place! The iconic Red and White vertical strips of color and a zig-zag pattern on the top are awesome looking and grab the attention of bystanders and people walking by. 

Cartoon Styled Popcorn Boxes for Kids!

You could have a special Deal for Children under 11, a custom popcorn box designed especially for kids! The box could contain multiple characters or a single character to choose from. Apart from that, you could have a custom made and a custom printed popcorn box styled or representing a bunny with bunny-ear cut out on the top, maybe a cat-faced popcorn box with whiskers and cat ears on top! The possibilities are endless, and the kids will really look up to the day they’re going to the theme park to enjoy the rides and to buy those printed popcorn boxes!   

Branded Steel Popcorn Buckets With Movie Characters! 

This is also a very good way to boost an upcoming movie in cinemas that is or will be premiering in the cinemas! It’s a large steel bucket with your favorite movie stars imprinted on them! And if the movie makers or popcorn bucket sellers want to the extra inch to get more attention, they make it so the characters on the bucket are popping out of the bucket and are totally touchable! Yes, not you can touch the imprint of a character! I guess you could call it 3D! since this type of Popcorn boxes are expensive to buy and build up, companies will take custom orders for wholesale printed popcorn boxes in bulk, meaning the more pieces of buckets you order, the more discount!

Boxes with Shapes!

The popcorn box itself can be classified as a shape so why not add more shapes to the packaging of the popcorn box? There are hundreds if not thousands of ideas for things and shapes like this, just about lingering around everywhere on the internet! You could have some squares in random places and in different shapes, rotation, sizes and or color. Or very tiny stars looking like the night sky and you could have small spikes on the top to go with them on the top of popcorn boxes.

Ombré Colored Boxes!

Now, ombre colors are really popular! Whether it be your hairstyle, makeup kit or school bag, you’ll see ombre colored objects everywhere. So why not paste them onto popcorn boxes? Am I right? If you don’t know what ombré is, it’s a type of printing that fades off as it either goes up or down, almost like a faint trail of color-effect. Ombré is really good and awesome looking and will grab the attention of by-passers!

Popcorn Boxes with Handles!

Okay so, this may not be as popular with normal popcorn but is really popular with chicken popcorn! But of course, it still counts as popcorn. You could have a 5-inch tall popcorn box, and then a cover on top and handles sticking out of the sides of the box. There are thousands of ideas on the internet! Maybe a tall box with handles made into the box!  

Marketing factor

Since packaging plays a lead role in any business big or small it’s crucial to think about how you can make your boxes interesting and appealing. Interesting popcorn boxes will not only attract new consumers but it will also show how well of a business you guys are.

A simple way to make your boxes unique is by printing them, there is so much you can do with just printing. You can either resort to simple printing such as important business information and logos yet on the flip side you can totally experiment with fun colors and funky printing, the choice here is yours.

Where can you buy the most interesting boxes?

If you need more than a couple of boxes, a great way to buy them from is a wholesale purchase, in other words, buying in bulks. Buying from wholesale comes with many benefits such as packaging doesn’t come for cheap and if you buy from wholesale retailers you can benefit from the cheap prices and save yourself a fortune. Adding up to the perks of wholesale popcorn boxes, you can easily get your boxes customized since wholesale products are made as per your order so customizations will not be a big deal.

Since we can buy anything and everything online, it is safe to say that you can buy popcorn boxes online. There are websites that specifically with custom printed pizza boxes and packaging. Though, there are plenty of scams on the internet. Look for a well-trusted website.

By Smih Calam MSC Marketing
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6 Inspiring Designs for Popcorn Boxes
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