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7 Kinds of Sports Activities Accidents That May Be Handled With Assist of Physiotherapy
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7 Kinds of Sports Activities Accidents That May Be Handled With Assist of Physiotherapy

Athletics is the most common term in today’s world. Sportsmen are famous for their achievements in different areas. You can find hundreds of coaches today. With the guidance of these professionals, you can also excel in your respective sports.  A person involving in some kind of sports always has chances to get injured. Sports require proper physical enrolment of the athlete. In this way, the body of sportsman runs through various movements such as strains and irregular movements. It can happen during your exercise as well as while performing sports activities too. There are different types of sports like football, basketball, hockey, baseball, cricket and so on. In a similar way, different kinds of sports accidents leading to injuries are also associated with them. It is very important to deal with even minor sports injuries as they can be dangerous for the career of the athlete. Here you will take a look at the kinds of sports accidents that can be recovered by the techniques of physiotherapy.

1)    Hip Strain:

The hip strain affects the flexor muscles. These muscles are helpful in the upward movement of the leg. These also help to move the knee. The causes of the injury include weak muscles, exercising, and playing without a proper warm up. It mostly occurs while playing soccer, cricket, and hockey. The symptoms include swelling and pain in the area between the legs and hips. It can be healed with physiotherapy techniques by doing suitable movements according to the affected area.

2)    Shoulder Injury:

It is common in different sports. It can happen due to high pressure or more stress on the joint joining the arm. The other reasons may include stretching of shoulder muscles. The symptoms include severe pain in the shoulder and in the arm. Athletes with shoulder injury can’t play as normal sportsmen due to difficult movements of the joint. Therefore, it is considered a serious injury and should be treated as early as possible. It can disturb the daily activities. The athlete should take much cure regarding shoulder movements for preventing this condition. It can be assisted with physiotherapy if treated properly.

3)    Tennis Elbow Injury:

It mostly happens during tennis and hockey. Its causes are overstretching and putting extra strain on the elbow region. The sportsmen with elbow injury are unable to perform since their elbows can also disturb the whole movement of the arm. The symptoms include pain in the elbow joints. The athlete becomes unable to move the elbow as normal, thus the movements become hard. It can be treated with physiotherapy as well as anti-inflammatory medications.

4)    Muscle Pulling:

The pulling of muscles is also a very common injury in the athletes.  The causes include stretching muscles more than normal and irregular or excessive movements. It restricts the individual from normal muscle movements. Treatment can be done with the assistance of physiotherapy techniques. It can be cured within a few days.

5)    Groin Pull:

It affects the inner muscle of the thigh known as the groin. The structure of groin muscles is fan-like and these are helpful in performing the pull movements. The athlete with groin pull can’t run properly. In case of severe pain, the individual cannot even walk.  Its causes are putting more strain on the legs, excessive movements, and irregular actions. It can be prevented by doing extra care while you are engaging in activities that require groin muscles to move. The treatment includes painkillers, recovery sprays as well as physiotherapy techniques.

6)    Sciatica:

It is very common among all the athletes from locals to international level. It can be very painful as it affects the lower back region. Sciatica refers to the lower back pain that can go further down the legs. It can disturb the daily activities of the athlete. There are several stages of sciatica. At the initial phase, the person can move but with difficulty since there will be a pain in either of the legs. More severe conditions include pain that starts from the lower back and goes to both the legs. This situation is very disturbing as the individual becomes unable to move or even walk. It can restrict the athlete from sports activities if not properly treated. The causes include irregular movements, stretching, lifting of weight and wrong angle motions. It can be treated by anti-inflammatory medicines enclosed in medicine boxes form TheCustomBoxes, pain killing gels and physiotherapy exercises.

7)    Concussions:

It refers to the injuries associated with the brain. From minor to the serious one this condition is quite dangerous. The brain is the most sensitive part of the body can be easily damaged by a sudden hit. The symptoms include loss of consciousness at the time of injury, dizziness, lack of concentration and losing body balance. It can be cured by doing proper care of the damaged area. Physiotherapy is also proved to be effective in the treatment of concussions under certain conditions.

By alice daisy Prof.
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7 Kinds of Sports Activities Accidents That May Be Handled With Assist of Physiotherapy

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