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A Bidet Toilet Seat For All Dirty Bums

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Dirty bums aren’t only those who dig through trash in the alley behind a restaurant on Saturday nights. There's an entirely different class of dirty bums exists and for all you know, you may be one of them, unwittingly. Bums of this class clean up with toilet paper after using the toilet. You need not feel bad if you belong here because you and majority of Americans were never shown a better way. Maybe you are not aware of a billion dollar pulp and paper industry which stands to gain from your misplaced belief that soft and sanitary toilet paper is best for your bums when it isn't!

Beware! You have been fed on a big old lie for too long. Toilet paper is really quite useless when it comes to dealing with bacteria and germs in and around private areas after a visit to restroom. Let's say, would you use a paper towel to clean your foot if you happen to step in mud? I am sure, no. You would wash your foot with water as we all know that water is the most effective cleanser for such dirty jobs.

So, you must be wondering how you were ever made to believe otherwise. Just make a simple calculation and see how much money you spend on toilet paper every month and then multiply it with 12. Then multiply it with all those years you have been using toilet paper and the number of Americans who have been doing the same for many, many years. So you see why effective and economical washing alternatives like the bidet toilet seat have been undermined all these years.

Water has been the most preferred method of cleaning for thousands of years, in other cultures around the world. Not only a bidet toilet seat offers most effective cleaning of private parts after a big job but also hands free cleaning experience.

Bidet toilet seats do not need extra plumbing, expensive contractors, or expensive parts that were required by traditional bidets. It can be attached to almost all toilets, replacing your existing seat, and connects to the existing plumbing.

By Basic Bidet Prof
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A Bidet Toilet Seat For All Dirty Bums
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