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Acne Treatment for African-Americans
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It is true that skin colors may effects skin conditions, like African Americans have dark skin. As dark skin has high melanin concentration and it has to encounter challenging harsh environments. Dark skin people have to face more severe kind of acne i.e. Cystic acne.

Cystic acne contains cysts inside blackheads or whiteheads. Black skin acne is not an easy task to treat. Dermatologists and biochemists has to give special attention to them due to excessive pigmentation and sebum fluctuation.

Dark skins are either too oily or too dry. But dry skin are most common in African American and some ethnic groups of Asia and Africa.

There are many treatments available for dark skin acne, but important thing is that what treatment do not cause de-pigmentation and discoloration and which method is most safest? It can be treated by herbal or synthetic methods, but synthetic method can cause whitish patches and discoloration which will look quit bad.

Herbal Treatment:
As dark skin is different from white skin but the causes of acne is same. Cystic acne consists of papules and postules. Hair follicles are clogged due to excess sebum. Herbal treatments are best to treat hormonal fluctuation which causes sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum. Herbal treatments never cause discoloration and white patches. Herbal cleanser, soaps, creams and lotions are available to treat acne.

Herbal lotions are consists of Astringents which destroy bacteria colonies within hair follicles. Anti-inflammatory agents present in lotion causes excess sebum to discharge which reduces inflammation. Herbal lotions can penetrate into skin easily and deeply which normalize sebum production.

Apply cleansers for few minutes and massage gently in upward motion. Now rinse off the cleanser. Now pat dry your face with using towel. Cleanse your skin twice a day.

Do not use harsh soaps and moisturizing creams until your dermatologists suggest.

Synthetic Treatments:
Synthetic treatments cause many severe side effects and discoloration of skin. As dark skin produce high melanin and pigmentation which causes discoloration which looks ugly. Thats why avoid synthetic treatments either topical or oral, although all drugs are effective for dark skins.

As most synthetic treatments contains vitamin D for skin health which can be damaging for dark skin people and very effective for white skin. Excess vitamin D cause toxicity. Excessive melanin is produced due to vitamin D and sunlight, thats why dark skinned people do not need enough vitamin D.

we can easily say that treating dark skin acne is little bit challenging and complicated due to excessive pigmentation or melanin. As synthetic treatments cause discoloration and white patches, herbal treatments are safe.

By Nick Wilson Msc
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Biography: Nick has been an expert in skin health writing specifically on the subject of acne. His work has been published on various websites and magazines and provides insightful advise for acne treatment, acne medication.

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Acne Treatment for African-Americans
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