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African Mango - What A Find
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I really enjoy sharing information, and recently I learned about African Mango.  I’m just so excited to tell you about it!  Although it has existed for centuries, few in North America know it as the phenomenal dietary supplement that it has been discovered to be. 

The African Mango is a fruit which is native to the west Central African country of Cameroon, and the fruit and seed have been used for hundreds of years for weight loss and for medicinal benefits.  It works as a weight loss supplement by increasing fat metabolism.  It targets body fat, and it does so at an astoundingly rapid rate.   There have been surprising reports of people losing 25-28 pounds in one month with only modest dietary and exercise changes. 

The extract Irvingia Gabonensis is the active ingredient which is responsible for weight regulation, and it is loaded with B vitamins which results in increased energy. African Mango increases the production of a hormone called  Adiponectin which helps in glucose metabolism and fat breakdown. Adiponectin also improves blood flow and ultimately improves circulation. 

LDL cholesterol, often known as the bad cholesterol, is associated with hardening of and the blockage of arteries.  There have been numerous reports of significant reduction of LDL in patients who were taking African Mango. Leptin, a hormone which is produced by the body, helps in controlling appetite and in fat metabolism.   Many overweight people, especially those who have significant belly fat, are leptin resistant; fat loss from the abdominal region is particularly difficult.  African Mango reverses the leptin resistance, and results in loss of stubborn inches from the midsection. 

On a personal note, I recently started taking African Mango, and I am astounded by the results.  After only four days, I have reduced by a dress size.  I am even adding a chapter on African Mango to my already completed book, Shed 20 Pounds in 3 Weeks! 

Although African Mango is an amazing supplement, it is just that, a supplement.  I need to encourage you to continue to eat well and to exercise regularly.  There is never a substitute for good nutrition and regular activity.   African Mango is a tool to make your endeavors less arduous but what an awesome tool! 

By Dr. Pat Brown MD
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Author: MD

Biography: Dr. Pat Brown received her undergraduate degree in Biology from Northwestern University. She received her medical degree from the University of Illinois and completed her residency training at the University of Chicago. During her career she has been a partner in a multi-specialty group a department chairperson and a radio show host.

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African Mango - What A Find

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