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All You Need to Know Before Gynecomastia Surgery
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In some at any stage of life, hormonal imbalance can happen and that can result in female like breasts in a male body. This is known as Gynecomastia and informally termed as man-boobs. The main issue is the swelling of certain tissues in the chest. Exercise and body fitness can change the condition naturally. But some patients are not fortunate enough they might need Gynecomastia surgery for their condition.

There are many questions that arise in the mind before any health implication. So here are the answers to all your questions about Gynecomastia.

1. What is gynecomastia? What are the problems?

This is a condition in the male body of unusual breast enlargement due to hormonal changes. It is known as Gynecomastia or breast hypertrophy. In most of the cases both sides are affected.

2. Reasons for developing gynecomastia:

The main reason is the increase in the female hormone estrogen in the body in compared to male hormone testosterone.

3. How to get rid of it?

Usually it gets healed naturally but sometimes the patient might need surgery to remove excess tissues. Anyone over 18 can take the surgery but some medical fit tests he needs to pass. Get the cheapest gynecomastia surgery in India, and then take a look at our website.

4. How to get prepared for the surgery?

  • Get an entire medical evaluation done
  • Quit smoking, anti-inflammatory drugs or any herbal supplements
  • Consult with your surgeon about any medication that you are taking


The surgery requires around two or three hours and it’s a one-time treatment. Patients need to stay in the clinic for three-four hours post the surgery.

5. Precautions needed before surgery:

  • Every pre-operative required test should be done.
  • Area of the surgery should be completely shaved.
  • Any food items or drink is restricts before surgery.
  • Clothing should be comfortable.
  • Have someone responsible accompany with you.

6. Precautions needed after surgery: 

·         The surgery is done within 3-4 hours, then after small dressing is done over the area.

·         The physician might suggest applying some gel and taking medicines to reduce the swelling.

·         Doctor may also suggest avoiding bathing the next day after the surgery. Driving should be avoided for first 2-3 days.

·         Doctor may prescribe antibiotics for a week.

7. What are the side effects of Gynecomastia surgery?

The side effects include:

·         Swelling

·         Numbness

·         Bruises at the operated area

·         Pain and discomfort

But these effects are temporary and will decrease within a week or two after the surgery.

8. Is surgery is the only stable solution for Gynecosmastia?

Usually Gynecomastia can be healed naturally, but if it cannot get treated naturally, then surgery is the only permanent solution. Once the fat and glandular tissues are eliminated, there is no chance of reoccurrence

9. Will gynecomastia surgery leaves any post-surgery scars?

The surgery may leave a small scar around the nipple area, but it will subside with skin over time. Thus, it doesn’t leave any permanent mark on the skin.

10. What is the expense range of gynecomastia surgery?

In India the around Rs 65,000 to Rs 95,000 depending on the volume of fat to be eliminated, sculpting required, what technology needed, and other assorted spending.

In most of the time, the surgery of gynecomastia doesn’t cover any medical insurance but different finance agencies offer easy EMI facility for the patients. So, If you are looking for check out at  Radiance Cosmedic Centre now.

By Dr. Mayank Singh Dr. Mayank Singh MBBS MS - General Surgery MCh - Plastic Surgery DCH (Gold Medalist) Certification in Microsurgical Skills Advanced Fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery & Laser
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Dr Mayank Singh (Plastic Surgeon Hair Transplant Surgeon) is a board certified & experienced Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon based in New Delhi. He is recognized as an expert in Hair transplant Body contouring Breast Aesthetic surgery & Facial aesthetics LASER Botox Fillers Reconstructive microsurgery congenital anomalies correction and facial trauma .
He graduated from Gujarat University where he earned his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) Master of Surgery(M.S.) and Magister Chirurgiae (M.Ch.) in Plastic Surgery and Burns as a gold medalist.

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All You Need to Know Before Gynecomastia Surgery
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