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Asthma Relief through Magnet Therapy
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Our natural instincts are to nurture children, to make their world free of fear and free of pain. When they are ill we feel powerless to help; frustrated and reliant on medicine to control the problem, yet always searching for the miracle cure. For parents of children with asthma (one in seven UK children suffer), management with steroid inhalers often appears the only solution. But recently, bio-magnetic healing - the natural therapy sweeping the US - has shown truly impressive results in childhood asthma treatment.

The therapy is totally natural and non-invasive and some 75 per cent of children who wear magnets for asthma hardly use inhalers afterwards, and you can treat babies from the age of one year upwards. In the case of chest problems, whether asthma or a bad cold, placing a tiny magnet on the child's chest at night (held in place with surgical tape) helps breathing and stops coughing.

It opens up the alveoli and infuses the area with up to 300 times more blood and oxygen, removing irritants that cause coughing. Better sleep also means better concentration at school ­ and fewer tantrums. Many kids only need the magnets at night, but if the asthma is induced by anxiety, say sports day or a school play, magnets can be used on those days instead. Perhaps its due to the popularity of fridge magnets but children relate easily to the therapy; it is as natural as using a plaster.

If a child is older and has a particularly bad cough or cold a magnet both front and back may be recommended. Childhood eczema linked to asthma also responds well (although if diet-related, results are less significant). Instead of being smothered in steroid-based creams, just sleeping on a little magnetic pad increases the circulation around the body and helps bring down acidity levels. Magnets have also proved efficacious for many auto-immune disorders, such as childhood arthritis. It is like having an extra energy source, like recharging the car battery.

Recent studies have shown that many youngsters are also starting to suffer from RSI, induced by over-use of computers. With children and adults alike, wearing of a magnet on the affected area has shown excellent results. While magnet therapy doesn't help all conditions, within a few years every first aid box will probably contain them. If you put a magnet on soon enough, bruises don't form because the increased flow of blood to the area sweeps them away and magnets really take the "ouch" factor out of any injury, no matter how old, by raising the pH balance and removing the lactic acid/acidic by-product build up; they increase blood flow and hasten the healing process. So, while kissing it better will never go out of fashion, the new attraction-action certainly looks here to stay. However magnets should be treated with caution and consultation with a qualified practitioner is strongly advised.

Magnet therapy was used in Ancient Egypt and rediscovered by NASA, lining the astronauts suits to avoid them being adversely affected by removal from the earth's natural magnetic field. Not only does the modern environment shield all of us from much of the natural geomagnetic field, but also research shows that over the last century it has declined 5 per cent. Yet it is fundamental for our health and well being. Iron makes up about 4 per cent of our blood content. Magnets attract metal: so placed on the body they increase the blood flow in a specific area.

Capillaries carry increased oxygen and nutrients to cells, accelerating the healing process. Meanwhile, muscles lengthen and relax as magnetic waves pass through tissue, the electrons in body cells heats and helps reduce muscle swelling and pain by kicking in the body's own beta endorphin system (its pain-relieving defence).

By Lilias Curtin
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Lilias Curtin


Biography: Lilias Curtin studied and lectured at the College of Psychic Studies. She trained with Valerie Dargonne to become one of the country's first accredited magnet therapists and she is now recognised as one of the experts in her field - utilising static, pulsed, and electro magnetic fields to great effect. Lilias then trained with Jon Whale in the use of the Lux IV for Electronic Gem Therapy. She trained with Ian Graham, one of country's leading experts in the field of Callaghan Techniques Thought Field Therapy. Lilias has run a successful practice in central London and had patients referred to her by respected Harley Street specialists, Physios, and Doctors. She has been on Television & Radio and has been interviewed by numerous journalists on the subject of Electronic Gem Therapy and Magnet Therapy. She is now bringing the same enthusiasm and expertise to Callaghan Techniques Thought Field Therapy.
Lilias is in the process of re-locating and more information will be available at a later date or through her website.

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