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Ayurvedic Treatment For Interstitial Lung Disease

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Interstitial Lung Disease or ILD is a pulmonary disease affecting whole respiratory system. It is called interstitial as it affects the lung tissues and space around alveoli or air sacs. This is fibrosis of lungs and complete air space and lung tissue is fibrosed leaving no space for air exchange.

Excessive smoking, smoke filled atmosphere, polluted atmosphere, allergies, side effect of medicines etc are the main causative factors of Interstitial lung disease. So the treatment depends on the causative factor and smoky, dusty atmosphere should be avoided. We recommend you to complete lung disease/asthma treatment package to get best results in the treatment of all lung diseases and interstitial lung disease.

A regular course of these powerful ayurvedic medicines will restore the air passage and clear infections, secretions and fibrosis. Pranayams specially kumbhaka, kapalbhati pranayams will increase your lung immunity and capacity. So take medicines regularly and practice pranayams for best results.



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Ayurvedic Treatment For Interstitial Lung Disease

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