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BRAIN TUMOR can be treated sucessfully WITH HOMEOPATHY without operation

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A brain tumor, a tumor (defined as an abnormal growth of cells) within the brain or the central spinal canal.

Brain tumors include all tumors inside the cranium or in the central spinal canal. They are created by an abnormal and uncontrolled cell division, normally either in the brain itself (neurons, glial cells, lymphatic tissue, blood vessels), in the cranial nerves, in the brain envelopes (meninges), skull, pituitary and pineal gland, or spread from cancers primarily located in other organs (metastatic tumors).

Brain tumors or intracranial neoplasms can be cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (benign). The tumor is nothing but the abnormal and uncontrolled division of brain cells that forms a cluster of brain cells that we can called as tumor. So it is not the disease itself but the outward manifestation of symptoms of some internal derangement of the body.  So cutting the tumor by operation will not cure the deep rooted cause but just remove the external symptoms. There are so many instances of again reappearance of tumor from the same place after few years of operation. Homeopathy can cure the brain tumor completely if treated as early as possible.

Homeopathy deals with physical, mental and spiritual aspect of any person having any disease thus goes deep into the root cause of the disease and cures at that level.

So if you are suffering from brain tumor never think that it cannot be cured, It is curable by proper homeopathy treatment. Clinical Homeopathy is the most modern homeopathy treatment that cure brain tumor permanently from the root level.

By Dr.Rangadhar Satapathy BHMS,MD(Hom)
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Author: BHMS,MD(Hom)

Biography: 18 years of Treatment experience.
Awarded as best Online Doctor 2008
HUNDREDS of Brain Tumor cases have been successfully cured with our modern advanced homeopathy treatment.

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BRAIN TUMOR can be treated sucessfully WITH HOMEOPATHY without operation
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