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Bedtime Routine: Seven Relaxing Activities For Better Sleep
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Bedtime Routine: Seven Relaxing Activities For Better Sleep




The strains of modern day-to-day living, busy lifestyles and the pressures of juggling constant responsibilities, a demanding job, family and social life might seem unavoidable. However, such a hectic lifestyle often leads to high levels of stress, anxiety and hypertension, making it essential to relax at the end of each day and get a good night's sleep.


Our mind and body need to take a break from time to time so that we will be ready for the next challenges while feeling rejuvenated and energised. Fortunately, there are a few things that can help you relax before bed and ease your sleep. Incorporating a consistent bedtime routine and taking 30 to 60 minutes to decelerate by switching to different activities, which can help you unwind is one of the most beneficial bedtime routine habits to adopt. So, if you are looking for relaxing nighttime activities to help you fall asleep, then try some of the ideas in this article. 


Switch Off Your Gadgets


Whether it's a computer, tablet, game console or smartphone, Most people love their electronic devices and can't imagine living without them, even for a few minutes. But our favourite gadgets can easily ruin that precious time of healthy sleep. 


For many individuals, it's arguably better to switch off all electronic devices and not to use them during the hour before bedtime. A bright light from the screens stimulate your brain and affect your internal body clock. Also, checking the news, news and even social media at night can be addictive and create additional worry and stress.


On the other hand, if you find playing games on your phone or watching cute videos with animals a relaxing pastime and if that works for you, that's great. At least consider putting the blue light filter on and decrease the screen brightness to reduce eye strain.


Sink Into A Bath


There is nothing that a nice, long and warm bath can't fix. You may not be able to take a long soak in a bathtub every day of the week, but relaxing in the bath from time to time is great for relieving stress and anxiety you may have accumulated throughout the day.

Take some time to slip into full relaxation, unwind your body and mind, wash your troubles and prepare you for a restful sleep. Additionally, a bath may even be better if you light a few aromatic candles, use a sparkle bath bomb or body wash that has a lavender scent to take your experience to a whole new level.


Combined with CBD oil, for example, they make a strong pair to combat the stress of the day. Incorporating CBD into your daily routine might help not only alleviate stress and anxiety and promote restful sleep but also reduce both inflammation and muscle soreness, respectively. Using CBD products can also help to improve mood, reduce tension and constantly raising thoughts and even relieve various skin issues like acne, psoriasis and eczema. To experience CBD oil benefits, just take a few drops of oil sublingually or add in your bathtub for an ultimate relaxing ritual.


Listen To Some Soothing Music


Music is a great mood enhancer and one of the best, simpler and faster methods to take our mind off our everyday worries. So, in case you want to get yourself into a more relaxed state, some smooth tunes are just the perfect thing to put you there. What's more, you can easily combine listening to music with other relaxing activities like meditation or a long soak in a warm bath. 


Make sure to create a relaxing playlist of your favourite tracks and listen before going to sleep. Or just turn on curated playlists on Spotify intended for relaxing at night or falling asleep.

Take A Quick Stroll Outside

To be close to nature and spend more time outside is an essential need of the human being. Walks in nature can also help to diminish stress and anxiety, restore energy and improve your mood - all of which is vital for a good quality sleep. 


Consider going for a relaxing walk to breathe the fresh air while paying attention to the sounds and smells around you. The habit of a light walk can be incredibly soothing and beneficial.


Practice Meditation



Practising daily meditation is a great method for resolving anxieties and negative thoughts and putting you in a better mind-state for sleep. The idea is to use meditation to concentrate on the present moment and become more aware of your current thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental way. 


It's our judgement of these feelings and thoughts that lead us to get lost in them and can keep us up at night. All the issues and worries from the days ahead don't need to be analysed when your head hits the pillow. Instead, meditation provides an effective way to clear the mind of these anxieties.


Therefore, try different mobile apps with a guided meditation like HeadSpace or Calm, that can help you to start meditating and fall asleep faster. Start with 5-10 minutes daily and gradually increase the time of your meditation session before going to sleep. 


Read A Book


Reading a book at the end of an intense day is a great way to slow yourself down and get ready for bedtime. It also helps to distract you from any worry you may have left over from your day and puts you in a more relaxed and receptive mood to be ready to drift off to dreamland.


You can find lots of interesting books to read at your local library, online or at your own shelf (yes, we are talking about those dusty books you always forget about). However, it's recommended to choose light reading over more intense technical reading. Fiction and an engaging novel are probably the best genres for this.  


Have A Relaxing Drink


While it is better to avoid caffeine, sugary drinks and alcohol before bed, drinking a herbal tea is a great way to spend some quiet time, calm your mind and prepare yourself for a quality night's sleep.


Starting the ritual of a nightly cup of soothing tea can signal your brain that it is time for sleep. Plus, several teas like peppermint, chamomile, passionflower and lemon balm are known to offer calming effects, which can help to promote relaxation and improve your sleep quality.

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