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Champix Varenicline a smoking cessation aid
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Is Champix varenicline an effective medication?

Champix varenicline has created a positive buzz in the market. It is taken as a smoking cessation treatment that helps people quit smoking successfully, in a pain-free way and without any extra efforts. Champix is free from nicotine; however, it helps reduce the strong nicotine cravings effectively.

Champix varenicline as a medication

Champix is an oral medication that is prescribed to act as smoking cessation help, depending upon suitability. It's available in all licensed pharmacies in the UK and in the European Union countries. Moreover, buying Champix online is another useful method of procuring this smoking cessation drug with ease.

The primary ingredient in Champix is varenicline tartrate, which works in two ways to help people quit smoking successfully. It reduces the strong cravings for nicotine as well as reduces withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are after all the main hurdle that prevent speople from quitting smoking effortlessly.

Champix varenicline is available in the form of a pill and comes in strengths of 0.5 mg and 1 mg tablets. Before buying any of these doses, you should check signs for originality. The Champix 0.5 mg tablet is film-coated and white in colour. It has ‘Pfizer' printed on one side and ‘CHX 0.5' on the other. On the other hand, Champix 1 mg tablet is also film-coated but light blue in colour with ‘Pfizer' printed on one side and ‘CHX 1.0' on the other.

The Champix dosage should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Normally, the recommended dosing schedule starts with a lower dose of 0.5 mg that is taken once daily for the first 3 days of the treatment. From days 4 to 7, you can increase the dosage frequency from once to twice daily. From day 8 onwards, you can take a 1mg tablet twice daily till the end of the treatment that will continue for a period of 12 weeks.

Most people may get the desired results before the completion of the 12-week smoking cessation treatment. They may feel a reduced desire for smoking and as a result gradually quit completely.

Clinically proven results of Champix varenicline

One of the clinical trials for Champix involved 2 thousand patients; some of whom were given Champix varenicline 1 mg, some were given Zyban 150 mg, and others were put on placebo medication for a period of 12 weeks. The results of this study showed that 18% of patients stopped smoking with the help of placebo, 30% of patients stopped smoking with the help of Zyban, and 44% of patients stopped smoking with Champix varenicline.

In additional clinical trials, half of the patients received Champix for another 12 weeks, whilst others were given a placebo. These patients were keenly observed for a period of 28 weeks. After the completion of this period, it was found that about 71% of the patients who took Champix varenicline continued smoke-free as compared to 50% of patients who took a placebo. The clinical trials of Champix have proven its effectiveness as a useful smoking cessation drug.

Is Champix available online?

Champix varenicline is available in all licensed pharmacies in the UK on a valid prescription from a medical doctor. On the other hand buying Champix online from any licensed online source is also another option to procure Champix conveniently over the internet.

Before ordering Champix online from any website, you should ensure that the selected online source conducts a proper online consultation to check for Champix suitability. If the online source provides Champix varenicline without conducting an online consultation, then you shouldn't order Champix from this source.

 An online consultation is quite similar to a face-to-face consultation with a doctor; however, a face-to-face consultation is irreplaceable. Your selected online source can provide you with a questionnaire, which seeks various medical details from you. You need to fill in this questionnaire correctly. On the basis of the medical details provided, a registered doctor will approve the questionnaire and issue a prescription. Once you obtain a prescription from a doctor, you can buy Champix online. In some cases, Champix varenicline may prove unsuitable for patients, so the doctor will then recommend another suitable drug for smoking cessation.

By Rozane M.S
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