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Cheap and Affordable Dental Care Option for Natural Teeth Whitening
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Many people will be taken by surprise to discover a person can use a totally natural teeth whitening technique. It is plain that they've been highly influenced by the advertising media, whose sole aim is to get you to use the vast array of costly products on the market place. In addition, they're also completely silent on the potential harmful effects that artificial cleaners could have on both your teeth and gums.

People appear to forget that modern cosmetic dental systems are not really that old and have generally been used during the last half century or so. This means that before the 1950's pretty much everything associated with teeth whitening was done in a natural way. They most certainly didn't have prepared access to up market tooth paste, fancy gels or dentist concentrating on the fitting of veneers.

So what is it that was used for natural teeth whitening in the olden days, which are still perfectly applicable and applicable to be used today? Let us take a look at the following ;

  1. Salt and Water. Do you remember not so long back and especially if you were on a camp in the bush, that a clean hankie or material was quite satisfactory for brushing teeth? This was regarded as a great option in the event of either forgetting toothpaste at home, or having run out. Well, I can assure you that salt and water does not only rinse but also whitens the teeth naturally due to the chloride in the salt.
  2. Vinegar and Honey Mix. These two products have been about for ages and both are famous for their medical and health uses. Honey is loaded in various anti-bacterial compounds, whilst the vinegar contains acid that brings about the bleaching effect. The honey also counters the sour effect of the vinegar and gives a pleasing sweet / sour taste to your mouth.
  3. Lemon Juice and Salt. An approximate 2 / 3 mixture of lemon juice with a [*FR2] salt solution is also known to have done wonders for totally natural teeth whitening. The lemon juice is naturally acid in nature while the chloride in the salt once again does its additional whitening trick.
It's also crucial to be aware of preventive measures, irrespective of the indisputable fact that teeth tends to turn yellowish with age. These measures include ;
  • Avoiding consistent intake and over indulgence of dark liquids like tea, coffee, cola, and exorbitant amounts of red wine with all its tannins.
  • Moderate smoking. Nicotine is absolutely bad news as it contains tar, which is a darkening agent.
  • Avoid fast food like wafer chips that clings to your teeth and build up bacteria that turns dark over a period.
It must now be quite apparent that completely natural tooth whitening is within the reach of every ordinary citizen. You most definitely don't have to opt for overcharged services from the cosmetic dental fraternity, as they are just out to profit. The natural techniques will work just also and will only take a bit of effort and dedication.

By Albert Blaise M.A. (Hons) in English
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Cheap and Affordable Dental Care Option for Natural Teeth Whitening

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