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Childrens Eye Test - Why is it important
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The young generation is more into technology than the adults or particularly their parents. At a very young age they start spending more of their time on electronics; in front of television sets or tablets, mobile phones and tabs being the favorite of them all. This makes them prone to eye diseases and vision-related issues, as their eyes are more vulnerable to vision-related issues than other adults. For children, they should undergo a children’s eye test regularly to maintain their eye health and also to keep a check on any problems. There is also one additional benefit these regular tests provide which is that they can serve as an early warning signal and can maintain the health before it gets damaged beyond repair. 

What is a Children’s Eye Test?

So, if you are still wondering what is an eye test for children, let us brief you regarding it. Many people have the notion that a regular checkup at the family pediatrician’s clinic or a visit to any doctor also includes eye checkup. But that is not completely true. It is not an eye test. So, a regular eye test is a complete examination of the eyesight and all other aspects related to the eyes, which are generally undertaken by an optician or an optometrist. These are doctors especially related to eyes. Never mistake any regular health checkup with a children’s eye test

Why Invest in An Eye Test?

Every parent should know how precious a gift from God are the eyes of your child and any hindrance in the vision can damage their entire school-time learning and sometimes the entire career of your child. Very often, parents fail to take action at the right time because of a lack of awareness and delayed detection of the problems. 

Recent studies reveal the importance of children’s eye tests. The studies mention that the risk of getting vision-related issues like myopia and farsightedness is almost 35%, meaning they all have at least one of these problems and even the others are not completely safe. Due to this very high risk, a regular checkup is always necessary. 

How Often Should You Visit the Eye Care Clinic?

Regular checkups are recommended by everyone, but what lacks is the understanding of what is regular. So, the basic meaning of regular varies upon the age of the individual. In the case of children’s the regular checkup include three particular time frames when a person should take a children’s eye test. 

  • The initial time period for the first comprehensive eye exam is when a child is 6 months old. This is the time when an infant goes for the checkup and it is a very comprehensive checkup.
  • The next checkup should be undergone at the age of three years old.
  • After this, the next checkup should be undertaken between the age of 3-5 years, or before the kid joins a preschool. Because once the child learns to read and write, a constant stress begins to affect the eyes. 

However, there are multitudes of other factors on which these depend. 

Children’s eye test is a very sensitive issue and every parent should undertake it at the correct times so that the kid does not have to suffer more. One last thing, which should be kept in mind, is the choice of the doctor. The doctor you visit should be good and a recognized one. She/he should be one who has a good medical practice history. Your child getting comfortable with the doctor is of utmost importance.

By Zoe Sewell
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Biography: My name is Zoe Sewell. I am a professional writer to share my blogs and ideas about Home Improvement Business Lifestyle Health Finance and Automotive that will be informative for readers who loves to gain knowledge.

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