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Chinese Takeout Boxes as the Best Source to Deliver and Take Food Away Safely
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It does not matter what kind of food it is, Chinese takeaway containers are the best thing to opt for if you want your food delivered safely. The shape of Chinese takeaway boxes is made especially to cater to leakage and spilling, and that is the factor that counts the most when it comes to food delivery. The fact that Chinese containers are made to seal in the goodness inside is a winner for many food companies and is also something that is safer for the environment since Chinese food boxes are made out of paper instead of plastic.

The Origami Folds

As much as the origami folds are such a clever thing to make, the real goodness lies in how the folds seal away every corner of the box giving you a sealed container that is leakage free and perfect for meals like spaghetti, curry and even chicken wings! The flat surface on the inside helps slide out food on to the plate, and the superior quality material used keeps the food safe from anything cancerous, unlike plastic containers.

 This clever idea was first developed exclusively for Chinese and Japanese food but owing to its foolproof design and perfect sealing, just about any restaurant and food chain is making use of the Chinese takeaway boxes. What makes a Chinese takeaway box better than the conventional flat boxes is that the complex and numerous folding patterns create a box that is a lot more rigid than any other is, which is all that matters in the packaging industry.

The Uniqueness of It

Chinese food for one is known all across the world for its delicious taste and health benefits. The fact that the particular shape of Chinese food boxes is widely associated with healthy eating is enough to gain more consumers. The hack is simple, you do not get stale and microwaved McDonald's burgers in a Chinese food box nor do you get some overly salty nachos in that sort of food container.

 Healthier meals are served in this particular box shape, and this pretty much sums up the increasing demand for why brands are opting for these boxes more than ever before. The folds are easy to open and seal and delivering item is far easier this way. The chic shape is also a winner.

The package looks so neat in itself; it gives away that particular hygienic aura that transforms the brand of something more upscale and clean. The box speaks standard all by its self, and this is particularly why restaurant and far more keen on making use of Chinese food boxes than any.

It is Your Blank Canvas to Paint:


The box has the unique shape and sealing quality to it, which sets it apart from the rest already, but with a touch of some creativity, a brand, can make wonders. The graphics matter a great, but with healthy eating, it is always smarter to follow a clean, crisp outlook than to opt for overpowering bold shapes and colors. White is quite the theme in the organic world, and you cannot deny how crisp and neat white looks when it comes to takeaways.

A little logo on the top of the box where the consumer will crack open the seal and some creative image right on the front of the box is bound to translate the brand name in a way; the consumer will take notice of it. The food will do the rest. Anything imprinted on a blank white box with a unique shape is all that is needed to revamp your brand image, and in case you are a new business, this is the perfect opportunity to launch your brand in a way; it creates some much-needed buzz.

The Green Benefit

With food and the ever-increasing consumer awareness about the environment and how it is getting affected by disposable plastic containers, consumers are ready to boycott any name that sells its food in plastic containers. Plastic for one is proving to be cancerous, and there is ample amount of evidence backed by scientific evidence that recycled plastic should be kept far away from eatables.

Other than that, plastic is a nuisance that is wreaking havoc to the earth's wildlife, sea animals in particular. Plastic takes hundreds of years to absorb back into the earth's atmosphere while paper takes far lesser time. Large amounts of plastic containers find their way almost always into the sea, and that is what causes major havoc to the sea creatures.

Recycling these containers is another costly and time-consuming measure, which may seemingly sound like it saves the environment, but in reality, it compensates the tiny benefit with far more havoc than any with the melting and molding processes. This is why The Chinese boxes are quickly replacing recycling are made out of paper and biodegradable materials that guarantee minimum damage to the wildlife and the environment as a whole. Paper dissolves away much faster so even left out in the open; it won't cause any damage as such.

Curbing the Competition

With the food industry facing the most shrewd competition, a business has a great chance of having its brand ace with a little more attention to the way it packages its food. Having insight into the market is key. What sort of packaging the restaurant next to yours, the size of the containers and the portions inside it, the design and perhaps the level of freshness the food retains when it reaches the consumer are using. All of those aspects should be individually investigated and worked upon.

 If the competitors have an edgier design than yours, you should work on developing a better design than theirs. Do keep in mind the design should be something that bears the brand's ambiance. The logo should be the center of attention on a takeaway box. Color schemes give you a huge realm to explore and play with. The color should also emanate the brand ambiance and culture. Something that speaks the theme of the restaurant is always a charm. Lastly, a brand can gain an edge over the others if it has the sacred ISO logo sealed on it.

The ISO certification seal can transform a business completely and set it apart from the rest of being a brand that adheres to food safety regulation and legislation and of being an organization that acts responsibly towards the earth's environment. An ISO logo combined with creativity and edge is bound to speak wonders. 

By Max Leed Master
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