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Chocolate does not Affect Acne
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Chocolates are one of the most favorite food of all generation. Every one loves to eat chocolate. But unfortunately people associate chocolates with acne. It is a common myth that chocolates cause acne or chocolates aggravates acne, Which is absolutely wrong. Chocolate is not only blamed for acne but it is said that other foods cause acne as well. Why people think that acne is caused by chocolates? It depends on a person how much he consume chocolate daily?

Many researches has shown that acne is not caused by any food items including chocolate, pizza, French fries and other greasy food items or junk foods. If you consume all foods in balance quantity then it will not cause any disease including acne. If we see researches then we come to know that acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, and there is no relation between any food and acne.

As chocolate is considered one of the main source of acne, it may be because chocolate contains high in fats and sebum oil which causes acne is also rich in fats. People think that if a person eats too much chocolate then body try to reduce fat from sebaceous glands which blocked pores and causes acne. Many researches conducted to find out either chocolate fats are similar to sebum oil but they found no relation ship between them and the myth that chocolates fat causes acne is absolutely wrong.

The good new is that chocolates has antioxidant qualities and thats why its a part of a person's balance diet. Plus it is rich in calories and caffeine which gives relaxation to a person's mind. In fact chocolates anti oxidant qualities makes it so useful for skin care that many companies has started including chocolate as a main ingredient for their skin care products, isn't it amazing? That what people assume as a harmful for skin are now becoming a part of skin care products.

Excess amount of any food may cause acne it may be either chocolates or pizza. If you take food in balance quantity then it will not harm you skin or even it will not cause other disease. Just avoid too much sugar and fats as they may cause increase your hormone production. If we eat chocolate in a moderate amount and don't take it too much then it will not harm you in any way.

By Liza Msc
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Biography: Liza has been an expert in skin health writing specifically on the subject of acne. Her work has been published on various websites and magazines including acne treatment uk and provides insightful advise for skin diseases, acne treatment, skin regimes etc.

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Chocolate does not Affect Acne
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