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Complete Body Care - The Ayurveda Way
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Ayurveda, the process which acquainted us with the process of self-care, follows the mantra that "beauty begins from within," which means treating your body from the roots inside out. We have come up with a complete body care guide, wherein you can take care of your body both from within and on the surface through these easy Ayurveda steps. 


Start your day with a spoonful of Chyawanprash 

Chyawanprash is formulated with a mixture of fifty medicinal herbs and nutrients to restore the drained energy from the body by increasing the stamina, preserve strength, and improve vitality. It also contains a rich source of vitamin C with the presence of Amla. Beginning your day with a spoonful of Chyawanprash by Kerala Ayurveda, which is rich in antioxidants, gives you a boost of energy and does not let you lag. 

Have a hearty and filling breakfast 

Beginning your day with a filling breakfast by eating chapati, prepared with the Atta mix by Kerala Ayurveda gives you a healthy boost of immunity. Kerala Ayurveda offers organic products that do not have any chemical composition, and thus, do not pose problems related to indigestion. It is an ingredient rich in dietary fibers and has comparatively low carbohydrate content, which is quite a good option for those who want to avoid gluten. The ready to cook Atta mix can be made into Chapattis, Rotis, and Phulkas, and is relatively less time-consuming. 

Take care of your hair with coconut oil

Coconut oil has specific properties that provide strength and nourishment to the hair, restricting the hair fall and improving the frizzy texture of the hair. Massage the oil onto your scalp, and mix it with certain essential oils like geranium, lavender, and rosemary. It helps to remove the dead skin from the scalp surface and improve the circulation of blood, promoting hair growth. 

Get rid of the toxins with lemon and honey 

After you get up in the morning, the first thing you want to do is, get rid of toxins from the body by drinking lemon and honey mixture with some warm water. It helps to clear the passage of the body by removing the harmful toxins and improving the metabolism rate of the body. Drinking the mixture every day will also help to get rid of the pigmentation and acne scars on the skin. It even brings a difference in body weight by helping you lose the extra fat from the body. 

Get some supplements 

Whatever you eat might not be suitable for your body, and it might lack essential nutrients. Thus, providing extra supplement support to your body is essential for strengthening its immune system. While most of the supplements contain chemicals, the ayurvedic GT Capsule by Kerala Ayurveda proves to be an effective solution and treats specific problems related to the bones. Taking the supplement every day will prevent the growth of ulcers and help maintain the pH balance of the body.  

Kerala Ayurveda is an entirely organic brand and has a wide range of Ayurvedic supplements like such, including ayurvedic medicine for joint pain. Nowadays, a high percentage of mass goes through joint ailments due to a hectic lifestyle, and such organic supplements with absolutely no side effects can serve the purpose. 

Moisturize your skin with aloe vera

Everybody dreams of healthy skin, but hardly anyone achieves it by thumping and lathering the skin with chemical products. Instead, choosing something organic like the raw fluid of aloe vera can prove to be highly beneficial for your skin. Moisturizing your face every day with the liquid will make sure that you achieve smooth, supple, and younger-looking skin. It is also capable of removing the tan and sunburn from the surface of the skin. 

Take a bath in raw milk 

Getting along with a full-fat milk bath, with a high concentration of cream in it, soothes your skin and helps to cool down the irritated or inflamed skin. As milk contains a high level of lactic acid, it makes the skin soft and provides intense moisturization to it. If you are a vegan, you can replace dairy milk with coconut milk, which also has nourishing properties. 

Maintain the pH balance with rose water 

The pH balance of the facial skin is very different from that of the body, so maintaining its pH balance is very important. If the pH balance of the skin is not restored, it might not be able to keep up with hydration and moisturization. Toners serve the purpose by restoring the balance and preps it for absorbing the later moisturization. 

Though there are several chemical toners available in the market these days, choosing something organic, like rose water for your skin, can be beneficial. Roses generally have a cooling property, which treats inflammation and restores the balance by ensuring soft and supple skin. 

By Sam Bell
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Sam bell is a journalist stylist and blogger. He is a aesthetician by heart who often writes about Education Home Health Art Fashion decorating and DIY ideas. He loves sparking creativity and giving them ideas for their own spaces.

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Complete Body Care - The Ayurveda Way

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