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Death - What Happens When We Die
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It is said that beyond the human kingdom there is a place that the ‘dead’ go and in some circles it is believed that when a person ‘dies’ they are really ‘reborn’ to spirit. These so called ‘higher realms’ goes way beyond being physical but comes more into the subjective realms.

Materialism, at the beginning of the century, was really taking hold and the physical world has advanced more technologically, in the last 100 years, than could ever be imagined when the Wright Brothers made their first transAtlantic flight. It became very much a case of - if there was no empirical evidence and it was not scientifically provable - it did not exist. Going within, with moral consciousness, became less important than getting what you wanted “no matter the consequences” and gradually death, which was regarded as ‘nothingness’ and the opposite of materialism, became the taboo subject. No-one knew what really happened when people died, so it ceased to have priority.

Over time, the discussion of death and what it represented was denied and not even contemplated, except in the simplest of terms: heaven or hell. Indeed, it was not until the Vietnam War, when the deaths’ of the soldiers were so clearly visible, that death had to be faced by the masses and even that was censored. The horror of war and the death of so many started to raise the consciousness of nations and the advancing tide of materialism was slowed as more people started to ask “What happens when we die?” “Is this is?” “They forget or never knew, that he who holds the keys to the secrets of Death is possessed of the keys of Life.” (ML 359:365)

It is said that beyond the human kingdom there is a place that the ‘dead’ go and in some circles it is believed that when a person ‘dies’ they are really ‘reborn’ to spirit. These so called ‘higher realms’ goes way beyond being physical but comes more into the subjective realms. The ‘subjective realm’ is our inner worlds, which are all one, the ‘objective realm’ is the world we live in. Man has a divine component to his nature, and when he ccan touch upon this level, he knows his own divinity [God/Higher Self]. When we Die… Death Processes: 1st Bardo: Immediately prior to the moment of death. “Where you go when you die is determined by the last thought in your mind before death”. [Lord Krishna - Bhagavad-Gita]

Very high initiates determine their moment of death. 1st Bardo is when we merge with the light and it needs to be peaceful. It is the ultimate moment of the soul’s extension throughout its entire incarnation. This moment, if experienced correctly can save eons of time in the Astral Plane –where we tend to suffer through emotional processes. 2nd Bardo: The next opportunity to merge with the light 3rd Bardo: the opportunity to merge with the light has been missed and now ‘the days of judgment’ follows. This is not a judgment by ‘God”, but is in fact the soul extension judging itself. This is a spiritual test, just as life on earth is a physical test.

What remains after Death? Immortal Aspects - Higher Triad Will * Intuition * Intellect Conditionally Immortal Aspects - Manas – The Link between higher and lower principles. Desire * Mind Mortal Aspects - The Lower Quartenary Desire * Energizing Vitality * Automatic Vitality

By Liz McCaughey
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Biography: Liz McCaughey is the founder of Kumara Meditation & Healing Centre in Perth, Western Australia (www.kumara.com.au). The centre offers deeper theosophical studies, meditation & healing, reiki, kabbalah and pranic healing. Since 2003 she has taught hundreds of people how to meditate from basic to advanced levels. Liz now focuses on teaching Pranic Healing and is a Direct Licensee for Western Australia for Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's Institute for Inner Studies based in Manila. Liz has a busy practice as an analytical psychotherapist and healing practitioner. She has a very practical approach to teaching and during her courses, she focuses on how her clients and students can take what they learn at Kumara and make it relevant to their every-day lives. This is particularly true of Liz's Metaphysical teachings, where no question about life goes unanswered. Liz organises many Free practice sessions for course graduates. This ensures that what has been learned is put into practical use. As a qualified psychotherapist, Liz appreciates how important it is that students are supported after their studies, and her professional training is evident throughout all of her courses. Liz is a trainer and practitioner of Pranic Healing in Australia and Hong Kong. She is also a mother, a successful business woman and has been fortunate enough to have been personally trained by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

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Death - What Happens When We Die?

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