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Defeating Depression - releasing the pain body

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Defeating Depression - releasing the pain body

It is commonly stated that depression affects 15% of the population in some shape or form. Depression is different from being miserable from time to time in that it is a lingering blanket of negativity that can affect almost every aspect of your life. People suffering from depression or those that have suffered from depression commonly describe a black curtain or cloud that constantly surrounds them. Any sort of zest for life is almost non-existent underneath the weight of pessimism and negativity. Energy levels can often be low and everyday tasks can feel like an endless mundane chore.

Suicidal thoughts, intense emotions such as anger and resentment and self punishment such as addictions can all manifest as a result of being depressed. The effect on loved ones can strain relationships and even break up marriages. It takes a strong person indeed to constantly be around those suffering the effects of depression.

The conventional approach to treating the symptoms of depression can involve any number of therapies, from drugs to counselling, to cognitive or behavioural therapy. All have their place and in certain individuals, they have indeed proved successful. However, there are drawbacks to these approaches. Drugs can have side effects and counselling can often take too long and can be a massive drain on resources. This begs the question "is there another way?"

Well, there is if we are willing to look at it from a different perspective.

Depression is, in its essence, a collection of negative thoughts. These negative thoughts set up vibrations in our body that manifest in negative emotions, such as anger, blame, resentment, pessimism, unhappiness, sadness, loneliness etc. When these negative emotions remain unchecked and are in constant flow, depression can set in. The body then vibrates at a less than optimal level leaving it vulnerable to illness, mental disorders and further negativity.

If the body is now vibrating with a constant supply of negative emotions, what is it that is going to be projected to the universe - negativity! Negativity breeds more negativity and negative situations, events and people will be attracted as that is all that can be seen. It then plays into a vicious circle of seemingly endless misery and depression. He or she may try to put on a brave face but underneath is still the festering ball of negativity.

What many depression sufferers are however aware of is one thing: that all the constant negativity, the rage, the anger, the resentment, the sadness, the misery is not them. They recognise it is not who they really are. In the few days the sun does shine through the dark clouds of the mind, in their hearts, they know they are not the culmination of the negativity in their lives, they are more than that.

If they know that they are not ‘that' person, then what is it their mind is at the mercy of? Why are they having the negative thoughts and emotions and pointless chatter in the mind?

What they are actually experiencing is effects of the pain body.

The pain body is a phrase made famous by Eckhart Tolle, in his book "A New Earth". It essentially describes the pain body as an energetic parasite; an energetic ball of negativity that is inherited from our parents. The pain body has its own innate intelligence- much like a virus, and like a virus, its primal instinct is survival.

In order to survive the pain body must have fuel and its fuel just happens to be negative thoughts and emotions. In those where the pain body is dense, it will try its best to flood the mind with negative chatter and then feed on the ensuing reaction. A typical example we see quite often is road rage. A seemingly mild mannered man turns into a foul mouthed and aggressive jerk when someone cuts him up in the flow of traffic. The pain body will feed on the surge of negative energy from this event.

In those that are depressed, the pain body virtually takes control of the mind. The more it can flood the mind with negativity, the more it can feed and continue to survive. Before long an addiction to unhappiness can set in as the pain body literally pretends to be the person. It is this the depression sufferer has enough energy to witness on a ‘good' day. This is why when asked "what does it feel like to be depressed" the sufferer will usually respond "not me!" They are sub-consciously recognising the presence of the pain body.

How does a pain body get formed?

The pain body is formed from traumatic events in our life that we have not dealt with and suppressed over time. The energy of the event is still within us, and if not dealt with, gets locked into the energetic psyche of the body. Eventually, the energetic imprint of the trauma evolves and detaches itself from our energetic body, but still remains in our energetic self, only now it has primitive intelligence and will do what it can to survive.

This pain body is passed down from parent to child at birth. How active it is will depend on its density and then how much drama and trauma the child has to endure while growing up.

It can be a shock to the system to learn there is something inside us that feeds in such a way, but this information is not something that was brought into mass conscious awareness until recently.

So what can we do to release the pain body and defeat depression?

This is where a pain body release session can help. A pain body release is the energetic dissolving of the pain body. By applying an energy so pure and powerful to your being, the pain body can be reduced or dissolved and as a result, the effect it has on the mind and emotions is significantly reduced. The process is completely non-invasive and the release is often such a freeing experience it cannot be put into words.

How does this help me defeat depression you may ask? Well, if we view depression as the culmination of negative thoughts and emotions, forcing the body to vibrate at less than optimum level, and the pain body as a potential source for these negative thoughts and emotions, how then can they manifest if the pain body is dissolved?

His pain body release work has helped many people ease the effects of depression and in many cases, transformed their lives completely, giving them a new lease of life, helping them reclaim the happiness and joy that was long since buried.

By Sanjeev Popat BSC, DipN
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Author: BSC, DipN

Biography: Sanjeev is an energy healer and pain management therapist. His approach to healing is multi-faceted and he specialises in dissolving the energetic blocks, negative programs and beliefs that can manifest in illness or prevent a person from experiencing life as they would like to.

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Defeating Depression - releasing the pain body

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