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Essentialities That a New Mother Requires After Child Birth
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Motherhood is a rejoicing time period for every woman. It comes with its own pros and cons. Here in, pros are the first-time experience of beholding one’s own child and caressing him. On the other hand, the con is slightly minor. It is the excessive weight gain that a mother puts on after post-delivery. Unusual eating habits and stress are the main causes of the weight gain. However, these extra kilos can be shedded by exercising and consuming the nutritious food. With nutritious food, it means the food that can supply nutrients to the body and add fewer calories, at the same time.  

Want to reshape your body into old you? Here some home remedies for you.  

1. Gain Fiber, Consume Oats   A mother should retain fiber in her body. The fiber will strengthen her body and help her to deal with stomach related issues such as constipation. The best gynecologist for normal delivery suggests consuming oats daily as the food is a rich source of the fiber.  

2. Include Pulses into the Diet   Pulses are highly nutritional food and should be included in the diet after post-partum. The food supplies various nutrients to the body such as fiber, vitamins and minerals, and protein. Moreover, they prevent mothers to gain extra kilos.  

3. Consume Finger Millet   The finger Millet helps a mother to regain strength after child labor.  It is the best for women suffering from lactose intolerance. The food is an enriched source of calcium, proteins and iron. The best gynecologist for normal delivery suggests mothers add the food into their diet as it helps them to recover faster.  

4. Consume Almonds on a Regular Basis   Almonds are richly loaded with essential vitamins such as B12 and E. The almond helps to cope up with postpartum stress and fatigue.   Follow these health tips to shed off extra weight. Also, consult the best gynecologist for normal delivery to know how to revive the strength after postpartum. 

By Nidan Mother and Child Care Doctor
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Biography: Dr. Rajeev Ranjan is a senior Neonatologist & Pediatrician in Noida having expertise of over 16 years in the field. He is an internationally trained Pediatrician and has previously worked with many prestigious hospitals in the past. Currently Dr. Ranjan is associated with MAX Hospital Noida as a senior consultant.

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Essentialities That a New Mother Requires After Child Birth

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