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Excessive Weight Gain Can Make You Impotent
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Excessive weight gain can make you impotent. The more the weight, there are more chances that you may suffer with the impotence. Excessive weight gain doubles the chances of suffering with impotence. More than 60% of the men who are suffering with the problem of impotence also suffer with the impotence. Excessive weight gain and impotence has been closely linked to one another.

In many cases of impotence too much weight gain is being noticed to be the effect of the impotence. Your weight must be under control to stay away from impotence. Excessive weight gain ultimately results to the obesity, which in case corresponds to the improper functioning of the male reproductive system. Along with the impotence there are other health disadvantages of the excessive weight gain that will dissociate the health of the individual considerably. Diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disorders are the other health problems that arise due to the excessive weight gain. These health problems directly or indirectly affect the penile mechanism and causes impotence. The excessive weight that you have gained is never going to benefit you, so you must try to lose it as soon as possible.

The study was conducted to confirm the link of excessive weight gain and impotence. About 100 men facing the problem of excessive weight gain participated in this study. These men were asked the questions about their sex life. The data was collected and sorted out. The final output of the study was that 60% of these men suffer with some kind of erection problems. Thus, this study proved that excessive weight gain is being responsible for the impotence is these men. This study is an eye opener for all those fat men who are facing the problem of excessive weight gain. Try to reduce your weight and start it off today to stay away from the erection problems.

As you gain the weight the more body mass is increased. This ultimately affects the blood circulation in the body as the pressure is put of the veins and arteries that supply the blood to all body parts. Simultaneously the blood supply to the male reproductive system is being decreased. This arise the erectile dysfunction problem in men. Even the occurrence of the atherosclerosis that occurs due the deposition of the fats and carbohydrates in the body causes the impotence in some cases. Even the atherosclerosis is being found to occur due to the excessive weight gain.

Impotency is the problem that is caused mainly due to the insufficient supply of the blood to the male reproductive system. Excessive weight gain disturbs the blood supply to the penile region, thus results into the impotency problem. For the better sex life you need to lose weight and stay healthy. To lose weight you can either do the daily exercise or otherwise you can also use the medication like generic Acomplia or generic Xenical. These are the medications that increase the metabolism rate and reduce the urge of hunger. Weight loss is easy to achieve with the help of these medication. Within few months you would be able to lose the desired weight within the stipulated time. You need to control your weight in order to stay active in the sex life.

By Jimmy Scott Pharmacist
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Biography: I am a Pharmacist by Profession.I am a health professionals and I practice the science of pharmacy.

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Excessive Weight Gain Can Make You Impotent

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