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Food Intolerance and Special Diets
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There are quite a lot of people out there with IBS or digestive problems. Some people are intolerant to wheat, which can bring on symptoms of stomach cramps, bloating, excess wind etc. Wheat free products have been shown to help people with these problems. Some super-markets now have wheat free sections and also sell wheat free pizza and bread too! Health food shops sell spelt bread, which is wheat free and very nice! They also do spelt spaghetti too. If your local shop does not stock any spelt products ask them to order some in, they are usually happy to oblige!

Did you know a large proportion of the population is allergic, or intolerant, to milk? Milk contains at least 25 proteins that can trigger allergic responses such as sinusitis, asthma, eczema and fatigue. It's high in the protein casein, the molecules of which are too large for humans to digest, and many adults lack the necessary enzyme to effectively break down the lactose sugars in milk. This can cause bloating, diarrhoea and constipation. For people with a weak digestive function, milk and dairy foods can cause headaches, irritability, cramps and cancers. Some people wake up feeling like they have a cold coming, congested or feel full of catarrh. Try cutting out dairy from your diet for 3 months and see if these symptoms improve, most people are surprised how much of a difference it can make. Try using Soya milk and yoghurt. If you are not fond of Soya, try Rice milk. Both of these can be used in cooking as well as for your drinks and cereal etc. Eczema sufferers have reported their symptoms seem to calm down when dairy is eliminated from their diet.
There are also great "cheese alternatives" around which I have been told taste like cheddar (for those of you for who the thought of no cheese is upsetting!). Some people like the taste of goat's cheese alternatively try sheep's cheese; also buffalo Mozzarella is lactose free and very nice!
Also good are pure, dairy free spreads with Soya, get one that is lactose free and free from genetically modified ingredients, hydrogenated oils, artificial oils, artificial flavourings, artificial colourings and preservatives, low in salt and saturates and high in polyunsaturates. You can also get them that are free from Gluten. With Vitamins A, E, D (as D2) and B12, they are good for spreading, cooking or baking with.

Chronic fatigue can be caused by many things, and very often it is Candida. Often it is caused by sugar problems - too much sweet food in the diet. If you crave sweet food and suffer fatigue it may be a lack of glucose to the brain. If Candida is a problem then you are likely to have recurrent fungal infections such as thrush, athlete's foot or other fungal patches on the skin. Also a foggy feeling in the head or difficulty in concentrating or a feeling of being disconnected can all be signs of Candida.
Eczema and Psoriasis symptoms can be made worse by excess sugar, which can be found in your food and drinks so check ingredients carefully. If sugar shows up as one of the first 3 ingredients it is best to avoid that food or drink altogether. The lower down on the list sugar is the better. Most breakfast cereals contain lots and lots of sugar so be very careful. Fruit concentrate also should be avoided as it is high in sugar, try fresh fruit juicing at home or a natural pure fruit juice with no added sugar and, if you are a drinker, reducing the amount of alcohol you drink will help. Avoid fruit with a high sugar content sometimes people have problems if they eat these on a regular basis - melon, grapes, and oranges. Also people with excess mucus have sometimes found a big improvement when sugar was lowered in their diet. Even cutting down on oranges can really help!

If someone has taken a lot of antibiotics in childhood or as an adult, problems can arise because although antibiotics kill off the bad bacteria, they also kill the good ones, leaving your immune system weakened. Try taking Acidophilus tablets "Friendly Bacteria" this is what we want and need in our gastro-intestinal tracks. This will replace the good flora back into your system, which is very important. If you have to take antibiotics remember to take acidophilus tablets as well, so that your immune system is not compromised.

Even if we have a good diet through eating organic fruit and vegetables we still need to supplement. Fifty years ago, if you ate a portion of spinach, it would give you your daily allowance of iron but now, because our soils are so depleted of vital nutrients, we would have to eat 60 times that amount to get our daily allowance. Everyday stress and pollutants effect our immune systems as well. This is why supplementation is so very important!
There are some wonderful Natural products that can help with many health problems. So many drugs the doctor can give you can have harmful side effects so considering a natural alternative is often a better and popular option. Taking Multi-Vitamin and minerals and an antioxidant on a daily basis is suggested along side your chosen product for better results. Antioxidants help to stop 'free radical' damage. Free radicals are charged particles produced by chemical pollution and normal body processes. They are unstable and can set off a chain reaction of cellular damage. This is why it is so important to get enough antioxidants in your diet.

By Sue Bailey
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Sue Bailey


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Food Intolerance and Special Diets
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