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Gastric Band Hypnosis for Weight Loss Is Not Just For Women Says Health Expert
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For many years now we have been led to believe that weight loss products are only available for women. Men when it comes to weight loss products have been left out in the cold with all the weight loss marketing being aimed at women with large companies feeling that women are their market and this has left men wondering how on earth they can lose weight. In more recent times with the huge success of Gastric Band Hypnosis, men have seen how the powerful hypnotic technique has been helping women become slim but now a leading UK Gastric Band Hypnosis expert Claire Hegarty who helps men, women and celebrities to lose weight with Gastric Band Hypnotherapy wants men to understand that the powerful weight loss technique can help them as well.


Claire Hegarty who also hosts her own health radio show wants to get the message out there that men can use gastric band hypnosis to lose weight. To try and promote to men that they can lose weight and become slimmer by using the hypnotic technique, the leading gastric band hypnosis expert has launched a free weight loss campaign for men where they can phone up and receive free advice over the phone as well as free consultations at one of her offices.

The weight loss expert who is offering free weight loss advice by calling 0151 678 3358 or 07714 853 524 hopes by launching the free weight loss campaign for men, it will allow men to understand that there is help out there and they can lose weight and become slim.  

The gastric band hypnotherapy technique, which is also known as TranceBand and Gastric Hypno Band, is designed to help people who struggle to lose weight. Its aim is to convince the client’s subconscious that they have had a Virtual Gastric Band fitted where they could feel all of the sensations without any of the risk or discomfort of a Surgical Gastric Band.

The way gastric band hypnotherapy works is by convincing the mind of the person who wants to lose weight that they have had a real gastric band fitted inside of them. By using the hypnotic technique the person who wants to lose weight will believe that their stomach has shrunk and they will become full more quickly and lose weight at the same time.

Claire Hegarty who offers a full weight loss guarantee explains that gastric band hypnosis is the safest way to lose weight.

If you would like more information or free advice on how to lose weight with guaranteed results then call 0151 678 3358 or 07714 853 524 or visit www.clairehegarty.co.uk/virtual-gastric-band-with-hypnotherapy

By Mark Ward
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