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Generics Prescription Drugs, Should I buy or not?

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Consuming a generic would be safe or not is very big question to many people? When you buy generics drugs, The image of a generic as compared to the originals is inferiors as most believe that they are might be risky to life as they might be lower in quality.

This is an impression mostly because of their being cheaper and not branded. But there is another aspect to this. These medicines though cheap are as safe as the originals. It is important for the FDA to take care of the health of the consumers and so does not allow any medicines to float in the market without been extensively tested and approved of being safe and as described. The generics are no exception to this.

The generics and originals might only differ in the taste, colour and mostly packaging. Now the next question that arises is if the branded and generics are same chemically and in all other aspects then why is the cost difference so high? The answer to this basic question is the patent rights that the developer has over its product for 20 years.

In these years the drug developer has the license to be the only manufacturer of the drug and get returns for the investment it makes in the research and development of the drug. Nevertheless, after 20 years it can extend its rights by renewing the patent. But most of the companies do not do so, which gives others a free hand of developing the generic drugs. If the generic developers decide to change any ingredient then it has to pass through the complete testing recommended by the FDA and only then it can be supplied in the market. In doing so the medicine will become all together a new product.

This is how the generics prescription drugs become cheaper as they do not need to invest in the research and development. You can easily buy reductil, propecia and other generics medicine at European pharmacy. This increases the competition in the market between the generics and originals as the branded manufacturers maintain their higher costs and generics can sell the medicines at lower rates. But anyways, with the above reasons it can be said that the generics are not risky and are safe to be consumed.

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Generics Prescription Drugs, Should I buy or not?

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