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Getting into Shape: 10,000 Steps to Terrific Health
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Okay now, here's a challenge from me to you. I dare you to go get a Pedometer and commit to the 10,000 steps a day. I dare you to get in as good shape as I'm in right now. Yes, you're a busy person and this takes time. Life is short and why shouldn't we invest in our time in something that will make us look better, feel better, in something that will make us stronger?

Before you eat breakfast go out and walk around the block quickly; get in some steps right off the bat.

Keep checking your Pedometer often through the day; have an idea all the time of how many steps you already have in and how many you still need.

Whenever you drive somewhere, never park close, always park far away and get in some extra steps.

On long drives stop often and go for short, fast walks. At rest stops walk around the entire rest stop once or twice on each stop.

Try to take at least one long walk each day, one where you get in 3 to 4,000 steps.

No matter what, try and get in at least 7 to 8,000 steps each day before the sun goes down.

Don't go to bed at night unless you have 10,000 steps. If it is 11pm and you're 'dog-tired' and you only have 6,000 steps, well, get out of that door and start walking!

Everytime you're standing at the sink, waiting in a line, looking in the mirror, bounce up and down and pick up some extra 'steps'. They all count. Walk around while your talking on the phone. Never ask someone to go get you something while you sit there. Get up and get it yourself.....more steps. Use every excuse you can to pick up extra steps.

Go on, go for it.......i double dare you!

By Thomas Leo Ogren MSc Agr.
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


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Getting into Shape: 10, 000 Steps to Terrific Health
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