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Guide To Fat Loss Supplements
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Renowned psychologist Professor Albert Mehrabian claimed that 53% of communication is "non-verbal and actually comes from a person's appearance" (Mehrabian, 1972.) But what Albert didn't mention is that a person's appearance and choice of clothing must change depending upon the social situation, much like how a person's choice of fat loss supplement must change depending upon their desired goal. A strange notion I know but stick with it and allow me to explain.


Appetite Suppressors

For many people those supplements that help reduce cravings are considered most effective for fat loss, the most popular 3 being:

  • Chromium polynicotinate: Contained in foods such as sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, apples and broccoli and this greatly helps reduce cravings by regulating blood sugar levels.
  • L tyrosine: This is a non-essential amino acid (protein) and can be found in dairy products, meats, fish, wheat and oats and once again really helps to reduce the appetite
  • Glutamine Absolute: From sports Supplement Company LA Muscle this amino acid supplement not only suppresses appetite but also aids recovery and boosts the immune system. You can get glutamine from foods such as dairy, beans, fish, chicken, beef, beets and cabbage however its only LA Muscle's Glutamine Absolute that contains the purest, 100% pharmaceutically graded glutamine.

These are great for people whose goals are to avoid the pitfalls of dieting however, this obviously wouldn't be good for people who wanted a supplement to break down the fat deposits on the body. This exact same principle applies to a church wedding, if your aim is to conform and make the day a special day for the bride and groom then by all means wear a suit or formal dress, if not (maybe you don't like the bride and groom) then put on your Speedos or bikini and strut your stuff down the isle.

Metabolic supporters

For others supplements that aid the body's metabolic system are considered most effective for fat loss, the most popular being:

  • B vitamins: Help metabolise carbohydrates and protein and these can be most commonly found in green leafy vegetables
  • Co-enzyme Q10: Is a metabolic stimulant and can be found naturally in fish (mackerel and sardines) nuts and soya beans
  • Green and sea vegetables: Support the body's metabolism
  • Multi vitamin: Support the body's metabolism
  • Ginseng: Will nourish the metabolic system
  • Kelp: Helps support the thyroid gland (gland responsible for the bodies metabolism)
  • Fat stripper Intense: Available from http://www.lamuscle.com/ - This is LA Muscles best selling fat stripper since it uses 8 novel ingredients to metabolise fat straight from the body. It contains Guarana, one of the most effective fat burning herbs as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid a blood sugar regulator.

Once again these supplements are excellent for their intended purpose, to aid the bodies metabolism, but aren't great for others. Much like the legendary Mankini perfect if your names Borat however, perhaps not so great if you're heading for a job interview at a law firm.

Fat removers

For some, supplements that break down fat deposits within the body are considered most effective for fat loss, the most popular being:

  • Green tea: Breaks down fat and burns calories
  • Chickweed: Breaks down fat deposits
  • Nobese: is LA Muscles best fat loss supplement for breaking down fat on the body and what is more it contains a lot of supplements already mentioned such as Sea-vegetable extract and L tyrosine.

And once again to reiterate, great for their intended purpose but not for others. Much like the mini skirt, fantastic for a Friday night out on the town but not so good if you're off to the local nunnery to see about becoming a nun.

Well I have come to the end of my ramblings, hopefully you are a little wiser regarding fat loss supplements on the market at the moment and a little better informed about certain dress codes should you attend a wedding, job interview or want to become a nun.

By Celebrity Fitness Expert Ross Edgley BSc (Hons)

By Ross Edgley BSc Sports Science
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Former International Athlete turned Fitness Expert Ross Edgley studied Sports Science and Management at Loughborough University and is now the direct fitness advisor to Gillian McKeith, the BBC, Cosmopolitan, Daily Star, MSN as well as many celebrities, models and CEO’s within a private practice on Harley St. He has taken his knowledge from his degree, experience advising clients on Harley St and has now teamed up with Sport Supplement Company www.LAMuscle.com

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