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Healing Gardens
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Can you remember the joy of running through wild flower meadows, exploring woods full of Spring flowers, hearing birds singing in the hedgerows where they had nests full of eggs and chicks, or simply enjoying being in beautiful natural places full of wildlife?

Healing gardens help us to: re-create these declining and much needed natural habitats, heal the environment around us, where we work, relax, play, and live, and heal ourselves too.

Healing gardens create natural habitats for wildlife and plants; they are created in harmony with nature and the spirit of the individual garden.  The plants are the main focus, and features are natural, harmonious and environmentally friendly.  Healing Gardens are created with organic plants and are gardened organically using many age-old methods, to create balanced healthy gardens where humans, plants, and wildlife live together in harmony.

The creation of a Healing Garden is healing in itself, and takes us on a wonderful journey that helps us to connect with natural world, and explore our healing needs and dreams.  A healing garden is designed with colours, scents, sounds, tastes, textures, and shapes, for the healing needs of the individuals who will use the garden.

Healing gardens are very versatile, and can include areas for relaxation, meditation, recreation, and entertaining.  They are not over grown or out of control, just naturally and beautiful places.  A healing garden can be created in a garden of any size, from a small courtyard to a garden covering acres, and they are for everyone from brand new gardeners to experienced gardeners.

Healing gardens can inspire us to nurture our connection with the natural world and the natural cycles of life.  When we spend time in a healing garden it can help us to:

  • Relax
  • To feel peaceful
  • To feel joyful
  • To enjoy the wonders of the natural world,
  • and see what we need to do to balance our own lives and make them more joyful and fulfilling.

Begin creating your healing garden today!

By Sarah Thomas
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Healing Gardens

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