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Homeopathy Remedies for Infertility Issues
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Most couples who get married intend to go the family way sooner or later. In case you have been trying sexual intercourse for more than 6 months without any contraceptive aids and still have not succeeded in having a baby, then the underlying cause may be infertility in one or both of you. Infertility affects up to 15% of couples trying to conceive and have a baby.

Infertility, in medical terms, refers to a person’s biological inability to contribute to conception. There are many biological causes that may make this happen, some of which can be medically corrected. It has been noted after thorough research that about 40% of these issues involve male infertilityissues, while women take a 40% share. The remaining 20% are due to complications in both partners.

So, if you are unable to conceive even after trying for more than 6 months, it is important that you get yourself and your spouse tested. This will help you in determining the problem(s) that are making conception difficult. Only when you have identified the underlying issues you can work towards considering the possible cures for infertility. The most common cause of male infertilityis low quality of semen, whereas there are various reasons that lead to female infertility.                                    

There are many treatments that are propagated as cures for infertility in both men and women. It is true that many different forms of treatment are available depending on the type of issues that exist. Medications, devices, surgery or a combination of these may be employed to correct this problem. Hormonal treatments that correct imbalances in hormones, surgery and other invasive procedures that rectify scarring, remove uterine fibroids that may be causing trouble in conceiving and many more procedures are in available for couple who want to conceive and have a baby. Both male infertility as well as female infertility issues are addressed through these measures.

Although these measures are tested and widely recommended, each of them comes with side effects that are undesirable, to say the very least.  For instance, the most popular treatment for infertility, IVF (In Vitrio Fertilization) is known to cause a high incidence of ectopic pregnancies, which is a condition wherein the embryo gets implanted in the Fallopian tubes instead of the Uterus. It may also produce multiple pregnancies. Hormonal treatments also come with a multitude of issues that are best avoided. In stead you have the option to go with a line of treatment that has absolutely no side effects and yet effectively rectifies almost 90% of sperm abnormalities, achieving a success rate as high as 90%! These are the results achieved using the homeopathic system of medicine.

The Homeopathic approach towards the management of health problems is constitutional. The treatment takes into account the presenting complaints - the symptoms - along with the unique physical, mental and genetic make-up that individualizes a person. Homeopathic medicines act at the roots of all ailments. They can rectify deviations of the hormonal system and get them back to normalcy. The simple homeopathic procedure effectively and efficiently avoids complicated procedures followed in the treatment of infertility. More specifically, the complete hormonal harmony greatly increases the chances of conception without the harmful and/or painful side effects of medications, devices and invasive procedures. The biggest advantage of homeopathic treatment is that even after the treatment, the high sperm count is maintained. The medicines are easy to take since there are only sweet pills and drops.

By Dr. Pravin Dhole Diploma in Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery
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Dr. Pravin Dhole Diploma in Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery

Author: Diploma in Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery

Biography: Dr. Pravin Dhole founder of helpmecure.in Fastest Homeopathy Remedies practicing homeopathy from more than 20 years. He is involved in active global practice and has got recognition for success in treating complex medical issues like male and female infertility respiratory illness like allergic rhinitis asthma chronic bronchitis and various other chronic and acute ailments. To read more about his work please visit the website www.helpmecure.in.

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Homeopathy Remedies for Infertility Issues

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