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How Compounding Pharmacy is changing the way of prescribing Medicines
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When we talk about health care and treatment provided by a doctor, one just can’t separate medicines from the same. Doctors prescribe medicines to their patients to cure some specific illness or problem. Now, many times it can happen that medicines that are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies are not available in the market due to discontinuation, or the required dosage is not available, at times like that, a licensed pharmacist can provide you with the required medicines via compounding pharmacy. It happens that a patient is not responding to traditional forms of treatment options available and thus needs customized medicines. What makes compounding more attractive is that it provides medicines to individuals according to their need and want to be prescribed by the doctor.

A compounding pharmacist can make the same medicine with the required content as prescribed by the doctors.

#1. Pain Management:

Those patients suffering from some sort of pain are often medicated with the medicines which are problematic to stomach. Stomach Discomfort, dizziness, etc. are common side effects attached to a common prescription. A compounding pharmacy can help in these regards as it only focuses on the specific problem as compared to generic drugs. Also, the flexibility of making the medicines in a different form such as capsule, tablets, cream, etc. makes it a better option. 

#2. Easy for Kids/Elderly:

At times it happens especially in kids that, there something in the medicine which makes the patient hard to swallow it. Now, a compounding pharmacy can come in handy as the pharmacist will custom make the prescribed medication from scratch according to the patient’s taste and preference. Even elderly people at times avoid medicine just because of its taste and compounding pharmacy can help you out in that. It is always beneficial to have customized medicines as it gives the doctor and patient flexibility.

#3. Allergies:

We humans have different allergies which can make our life difficult at times. When we talk about traditional medicines and its ingredients it can happen that some ingredient can act as an instant catalyst to your allergies as the content is present in the medicine. It can severely affect the health and an allergic reaction in times of illness can be fatal. Compound Pharmacy gives you flexibility as the doctor prescribed those contents to a pharmacist that patient is not allergic to and thus a patient’s allergy doesn’t aggravate.

#4. Alternative Dosage Forms:

Not all patients can take their medicines in the same way as everyone else can. In some instance, patients can’t take their medication in the same form and dosage. For example, those having difficulty in swallowing pills can’t take their medicines properly. In situations like this compound, n comes in handy, as one can get the flexibility of getting the medicines in a different form. In this example, a pharmacist will make the medicine liquid form which will be easier for the patient to take their medicines. It can also help in converting the medicine in gel or cream form which can more convenient than its traditional counterpart available in the market.

#5. Access To Medicines Which are Not Available:

Many times, it happens that large Pharmaceutical companies discontinue the productions of some specific drugs and thus this void cause problem to those patients who need that medication. Here, compounding pharmacy helps in filling those voids created by discontinuation by recreating the exact drug which you need in the same dosage which you described you. Compounding Pharmacy is important when it comes to critical care of the patients. The compounding pharmacy has access to quality pharmaceutical ingredient and thus can create the drugs prescribed to you keeping in mind the patient’s need.

The compound pharmacy can help out a patient in a different way. It also gives the doctor liberty to prescribe drugs according to the patient’s needs thus changing the of prescribing the medicines.

By Joel Borthwick
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Biography: Joel Borthwick is basically from Australia but is keen to explore everything under the sun. He is a part-time blogger well acclaimed for his blogs on topics like - home improvement business lifestyle health travel and fashion. He aims to solve day-to-day problems of people through his blogs.

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How Compounding Pharmacy is changing the way of prescribing Medicines

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