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How To Get An Eye Test Examination At Different Ages
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An eye test is a way to detect and diagnose eye problems at early stages. Regular Eye Examination will help you to keep your eyes healthy and adopt appropriate steps to correct your vision or eye problems.

So, when should you get an eye test done?

Children Between The Age Group 3-5 Years

Age 3-5 is the time when children develop their visual abilities. Hence, it's important for the parents to look for vision problems like crossed eyes or lazy eyes (Amblyopia) or color blindness. If there is any such symptoms or eye concerns, then take your kids to nearest eye clinic and should get their  eye examination done immediately.

School-Age Children And Adolescents

It is important to get your child’s vision checked twice a year if you have got a family history of vision problems. If not get your child’s  visions examined every year to rule out major eye diseases.


You may not have any vision problems. But its always better to get your eye examined at scheduled intervals.

  • If you are in the ’20s to 30’s gets your eye checked every five to ten years
  • If you are in the ’40s to 54 get your eye checked every two to four years
  • For people between 55 to 64 everyone to three years
  • For people above 65 years every year you should get a check-up.

It is recommended that individuals of age 40 and above must get a complete eye check-up regularly to rule out major eye diseases or disorders.The early signs of disease or changes in vision might appear at this time. Early treatment can help you preserve your vision.

But if you suffer from a disease like diabetes, high blood pressure or have a family history of eye disease or wear contacts or glasses, or taking any medicines that can have any side effects,  get an eye test every year to keep a check on your vision.

An eye examination usually takes several minutes, and patience plays an important role.

Before Starting You Need To Provide Information To Your Eye Doctor:

  • Are you suffering from any eye problems now?
  • Did you have any eye problems in the past?
  • Do you wear glasses or contacts? If so, from when are you using it and are you satisfied with them?
  • Any major health problems for which you have to take medicines regularly?
  • Do you have any allergies to medications, food or other substances?
  • Did you ever have eye surgery?
  • Does any of your family member have eye problems, like glaucoma or retinal detachments?
  • Do you or anyone in your family suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or any other health problems affecting the whole body?

An Eye Test Basically Comprises Of The Following Steps:

  • Optometrists or eye doctors will place charts and pictographs and other images in front of you and examine your eyes thoroughly before prescribing medicines and glasses. Further they will offer following types of treatments doctor will test your eye pressure using a device called tonometry, which  measures the pressure within your eye that might involve a quick puff of air onto the eye or gently applying a pressure-sensitive tip near or against your eye. The doctor might use eye drops to dilate your eyes.
  • The doctor will check for your pupil'sresponse to light by shining a bright beam of light into your eye. If the pupils widen or don't respond, instead of getting smaller it indicates an underlying problem.
  • The doctor might show several multicolored dot-pattern charts and find out whether you suffer from color blindness or not. . If you have a color deficiency you will have problems in detecting certain colors.
  • Doctors might dilate your eyes and can shine a beam of light through your pupil to see the back of the eye or can examine inside of the eye with a condensing lens and a bright light to see the retina and optics or blood vessels which are found in the retina in great detail and in three dimensions.

These are a few basics eye tests recommended by every eye doctor.A comprehensive eye examination  will help you get an important information about your eyes. Make sure that you get a complete eye test as part of your commitment to your overall health.

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How To Get An Eye Test Examination At Different Ages

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