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How To Specifically Target Fat Loss

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Statistics show our average dress sizes are getting bigger with over 60& of our modern world being classified as overweight. They even cater for this by super-sizing our furniture etc

Overweight is defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may affect a person's health. Being overweight increases the risk of many diseases and health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease and some cancers.

While as a nation we have been dieting and including an exercise program, for many it is not enough. A recent discovery may change all that. A leading nutraceutical company has introduced a "Lean-Sparing" Fat Loss product which is literally changing peoples fat to lean body tissue ratio.

This is good news as you can decrease your dress size and fast. It is all about reducing the amount of fat on your body and becoming lean. For years we have been so focused on losing weight and constantly look at the scales. Well I would like to share with you that the secret is to target fat loss and become lean. I am sure we have all heard that muscle weighs 3 times more than fat so sometimes people may lose little on the scales and be dropping dress sizes and looking great. Make sense?

Many products on the market recommend counting carbs, calories and dropping kgs. Stories such as "I lost 10kgs etc.." Did you know that if you lose 10kgs that typically 5 kgs will be fat loss and 5 kgs will actually be muscle loss. You do not want to lose muscle this results in a decrease metabolism and decrease in your aerobic capacity and actually makes it difficult to keep off the weight.

The term yoyo dieting describes the cycle of repeated dieting followed by weight gain. If you are a yo yo dieter yes you may lose 10 kgs but when you put that back on it will all be 10kgs of fat, (not ½ fat/ ½ muscle) so you are in the vicious cycle of putting MORE fat on your body, and it becomes even harder to lose the weight and drop a dress size. The truth is the more lean muscle tissue you have on your body the more calories you burn and the fitter and healthier you will be.

As an accredited coach in the weight loss industry, I have witnessed the dismal results of most weight loss programs. So I am very excited by the new technology of specifically targeting fat loss and changing your lean body ratio. This is certainly different from any other weight loss on the market.

Scientists and weight loss researchers are now telling us that " .you are not healthy unless you are lean. " Even those who may not be overweight but are carrying excess fat tissue around their waist are at risk of heart disease and health issues. Being lean is the key to health.

This has led research into developing a specially formulated blend that includes an advanced protein peptide technology, which helps the body burn fat while maintaining lean muscle. This is the optimal fat loss formula for finally getting that lean look you have been striving for all these years! The technology switches your metabolism from anabolic to catabolic and targets fat-loss, not lean-loss. A fat loss technology that specifically targets fat loss and spares lean muscle tissue has long been awaited.

Another impressive point is that this technology has 2 double blind clinical studies completed that showed that those using the technology demonstrated that 80% of the weight they lost was fat tissue, as well as significant reductions in body mass index(BMI) and waist circumference. It was shown to support healthy fat loss, is all-natural, provides calcium for healthy bones and helps reduce appetite.

You can live a healthy life and lose inches from your waist, arms and thighs and drop dress sizes quickly by specifically targeting fat loss with this new peptide technology.  To start shedding your extra body fat visit the weightlosszone information site to access a free presentation and overview.

By Ellen Agius RN, Masters Clinical Nursing, Midwife
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Ellen Agius RN, Masters Clinical Nursing, Midwife

Author: RN, Masters Clinical Nursing, Midwife

Biography: I am a health care professional working in the nursing profession for the past 20 years and for the past 4 years I have concentrated my research into wellness technologies that are proven and supported by science. I personally became interested and developed a passion for wellness and to educate others, due to my own health challenge. Along with my creditials as a Registerd Nurse, Midwife, Masters Degree, Critical Care and Rural Nursing certificates I have completed a Basic Course in Nutrition and Sports nutrition and have become a accredited weight loss coach.

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How To Specifically Target Fat Loss

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