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How Your Initial Programming Effects Your Permanent Weight Loss
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During the first part of your life you had no control: your parents did the majority of your thinking for you and in doing so created the greatest part of your subconscious programming. This is especially true in your eating behavior programming. Your parents meant well but unfortunately they lacked the knowledge and the skills to instruct you on how to eat properly. They simply followed what their parents had taught them.

Does this sound familiar to you: "You are not going to leave the table until you finished everything on your plate." or "Do you realize there are children in the world who are starving and would give anything for your meal?" or "If you do not finish everything on your plate, there will be no dessert." It was these types of repetitive statements that programmed you to associate food with fear and guilt.

What was really ironic, was when you grudgingly did manage to finish everything on your plate and were completely stuffed, you always managed to find room for your ultimate reward....a well deserved dessert. With the consistent use of fear and guilt to control your behavior, eventually these two emotional states turned into anger, which also triggers emotional eating.

Now as an adult your worst eating behavior is perpetuated by the emotional states of fear, guilt and anger. The presence of these three emotional states also indicates the absence of your most positive and powerful emotional state, love.

Your parents used the reward of a dessert to control or program most of your emotional states. They knew that with the promise of something sweet, they could stop your anger, stop your crying, eliminate your boredom or stop your pain. If you want to train an animal, what do you use? You use food. Unfortunately human animals have full access to the very thing that was used to train many of their emotional states.

As a child you where unknowingly programmed to use eating as an outlet for practically all of your emotional states. Now that you are an adult you still emotionally respond to food exactly as you were programmed to do as a child. Your childhood programs still control why you eat, when you eat, what you eat, and how much you eat.

The reason you keep repeating your childhood behaviors or habits over and over is because you are bonded or anchored to them. Yes, anchored as in weighted down or held in place! The only difference between your anchors and a ship anchor is your anchors do not consist of steel but are derived from your emotions.

Your anchors originated from extremely strong repetitive memory associations, which are triggered by your five senses of hearing, vision, smell, taste, and touch. You are constantly being anchored in different ways through out your life. For example, when you hear a certain song and it brings back a memory of a certain person, or a place in time, this is an audio anchor or an anchor triggered by your sense of hearing.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and noticed that something about them reminds you of someone or something else? This is a visual anchor or an anchor triggered by your sense of sight. Until now all of your anchors have been installed in your subconscious mind by someone else or by accident and in most cases you were not even aware of them. Now for the first time through the process of Burris MIND/FITNESS, you can learn how to anchor a reaction or behavior you want on purpose and consistently get the results you want over and over, until you are assured of attaining your weight goal.

It is important to understand that your subconscious mind can be triggered into a negative anchored behavior without even pausing to consider what it is doing. It is this type of behavior that is responsible for your worst eating habits. I refer to this type of behavior as "No Thought Eating." At the time of "No Thought Eating" your subconscious mind has given no consideration to what it is doing and your conscious mind is not even aware that anything is taking place.

A good example of this is when you are feeling fearful, guilty angry, or bored. You immediately look for something to eat, even if you are not hungry. In most cases you will look for what you refer to as your comfort foods, which is anything that is high in sugar, fat or both. Let us say you come across a bag of cookies, without any hesitation you eat one and before you realize it, you are eating the whole bag. Sometime during this "No Thought Eating" binge your conscious mind awakens to what is taking place. You stop your eating binge and now along with feeling fearful, guilty, angry, or bored; you are also probably a little nauseous. The first thought that pops into your mind is: "Why Did I Eat That? I wasn't even hungry!" How many times have you asked yourself this self-defeating negative question "Why Did I Eat That?"

The second you asked yourself this question, your subconscious mind is triggered into action to find an answer, which in turn produces a correlating picture. Surprise, surprise what did it find in your subconscious eating behavior program? It found you ate the cookies because you were feeling fearful, guilty, angry, or bored. Of course it did because that is exactly how you were programmed as a child to react to fear, guilt, anger, or boredom. Once again your subconscious mind will take this answer and the correlating picture of you being overweight and use it to anchor you even deeper to your childhood program.

Here is where the fun starts, what do you have to do in order to change your existing negative anchored behaviors of "No Thought Eating?" You simply restructure your question from its negative form of "Why did I eat that?" to a positive form question of "How can I stop this no thought eating when I am feeling fearful, guilty, angry, or bored?" Your subconscious mind will now produce a positive answer to your new positive question such as: When you are feeling fearful, guilty, angry or bored, find an activity you enjoy in place of eating. Once again these new answers will produce empowering correlating pictures that will move you toward your weight goal. It is truly that simple, positive empowering questions = positive empowering results. >From this time on, it is essential that you are always conscious of your inner voice, thereby insuring that all of your self-questions are positive ones and insuring that you always maintain a positive emotional state.

Regardless of weather your goal is a change in diet for weight loss, an increase in your fitness program or to take control of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. In the end the question you need to ask yourself is…Am I completely happy with the mind running itself or do I need to take control of it? If your answer is I need to take control of it, then Burris MIND/FITNESS is the answer.

By Kelly Burris
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Kelly Burris is the author of “Reprogramming the Overweight Mind: 7 Steps to Taking Control of Your Subconscious.”

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