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How electricity and our homes affect our wellbeing
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Our health and wellbeing is being greatly affected by the massive quantities of electricity we now bombard our bodies with. Electricity has only been around for about 100 years and in great quantity since the 1950's and we now use electricity several million times more than in the 1950's.

We are electromagnetic beings. Our body uses brain waves and nerve impulses to communicate the production of new cells, movement and our bodily functions. Man-made electromagnetic fields are much stronger than our own and have a much higher frequency which interferes with out natural immune system. We are now becoming increasingly aware of how Electromagnetic Fields can have a negative effect on our health. These include:

Insomnia, fatigue, restless sleep, waking up feeling tired, lack of concentration, depression and even allergies.

The risk of the effect of electromagnetic fields on our bodies increase if we already have a reduced immune system, the length of time spent in the electromagnetic energy and its strength. It is important to reduce our exposure to Electromagnetic fields (EMF) especially in the bedroom where our bodies are sleeping and rejuvenating it is wise to be aware of the electrical equipment in the bedroom. Many people have computers, TV's, telephones, clock radio, electric blankets, mobiles, if all this equipment is left on all night even on standby the electricity is still coming through the wires and it will affect our bodies whilst we sleep. I have measured the EMF's with an electro magnetic field meter and it has been known to be quite high on the beds where people sleep as they have electric cabling under their beds. The beds are right up against the wall where cabling is hidden in the wall. Even next door neighbours could have their TV on the wall that you are sleeping on, which will affect your body and even worse if your bed has a metal frame as this will act as a conductor generating the Electromagnetic fields around the bed. All of this will affect the way you sleep and your health if you are constantly being bombard with high EMF's.

Recent research has shown that mobile phones when in use and switched on have between 30-70% EMF's going into the head depending on the type of phone. This could affect you with severe headaches and migraine. When the phone is being carried around in your trouser pocket it could affect the liver and stomach area if its in the breast pocket of the jacket the heart and chest. In men it could be that they have prostate and heart problems.

Microwave ovens are one of the worst for radiation emission, it is very wise to have these checked regularly for leaks. When it is on do not stand in front of the microwave and make sure you are away from the microwave by about 10". Notice the difference in the food when it is cooked in a microwave and when its cooked in a conventional oven. You will notice that the food tastes much nicer from the conventional oven as it is cooked from the outside in rather from the inside out. The radiation from microwaves and other appliances have been linked to various cancers, allergies, Parkinsons, and ME as it affects our immune systems.

Checklist for a Healthier Home

Avoid extension cables under the bed

Switch off electric blankets at night

Use a battery clock

Always turn the TV off at the mains

Switch off all computers at the mains

Wiifi only switch on to use (this is a major EMF problem for people sensitive to EMF's as it gives the impression of being in a permanent microwave you are frying your body.)

Make mobile phone calls short use a landline when possible

Check for Damp in the walls

Replace Dimmer switches with normal switches

Check you are not sleeping next to a satellite dish or the mains supply to the house

It has been found by NASA that certain plants are good at absorbing EMF's i.e spider plant, weeping fig, dwarf banana plant and the peace lily, placing them around your home. Natural crystals also have been found to reduce the EMF's from the computer, TV and phones clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst being particularly effective.

It is well worthwhile having a Healthy Home Survey if you feel that your health is suffering or if you intend to move home, it is worth getting a survey. When you buy a property its normally surveyed to make sure it wont fall down before you buy it but now people are having a Healthy Home Survey too.

By Vicky Sweetlove AEC teacher Accredited Feng Shui Consultant and Professional Dows
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Vicky Sweetlove AEC teacher Accredited Feng Shui Consultant and Professional Dows


Biography: I have been teaching for 10 years on this subject and carrying out Healthy Home Surveys to include EMF's and Geopahic Stress

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How electricity and our homes affect our wellbeing

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