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How to Find the Perfect Mascara for Your Eyes
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Mascara changes the way your eyes look. It can define, lengthen and thicken the lashes. It is the cherry on top of the eye makeup and the finishing touch of the seducing look you want to achieve. However, there are so many different types of mascara on the market so how can you know how to pick the right one? Well, there are some tricks you can use along with getting the information from the label telling you what kind of mascara it is. So, here you are. 

One Effect Mascara

There is a type of mascara that promises one effect as a result. For example, lengthening mascara, defining mascara, curling mascara or thickening mascara. The one effect that is a goal is achieved by a powerful formula that puts the focus on that particular effect. If you want to have visible results but don’t have the perfect lashes, it is best to go for this kind of mascara. Choose your preferred effect and get yourself a product that is concentrated on achieving that result.

3 in 1 Mascara

This type of mascara promises the three results everyone wants – to define, thicken and lengthen the lashes. Keep in mind that a quality mascara with such a formula is going to be a bit pricey because let’s be real here, you won’t find cheap mascara for a few dollars that will create such an amazing effect on your lashes. 

This type tends to have a more chemical enriched formula just because it has a tough job – to create the 3 in 1 effect. So, the best thing to do is to research the market and find a natural mascara online by reading reviews or the ingredients given by brands and decide which one will be suitable for your eyes and your pocket as well. 

Waterproof Mascara

The waterproof mascara puts its focus on being waterproof – which is its main characteristic. Usually, these mascaras are one effect mascaras upgraded into a waterproof kind. Make sure you have a suitable makeup remover so that you can remove it at the end of the day without having smudges all over the face. 

The Type of the Brush

Here is a trick you need to know. The look and the shape of the brush on the mascara’s wand shows the effect the mascara will have on your lashes. So, take a closer look at the brush as your defined lashes will probably look very similar. Also, take a look at the picture below so you can make sure you’ve chosen the right brush.

Some Final Words

Choosing mascara can be simple – if you know how you want your lashes to look like. Remember to be realistic, for example, if you have short lashes you can’t expect that the mascara will make them twice as long. Or, if you have very thin lashes and sensitive eyes you can’t expect the mascara will make them bushy. If you want such a huge transformation, perhaps it is better to use false lashes. Also, remember always to go for the least chemical enriched formulas – so that your lashes can have a long life.

By Josh Morgan
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How to Find the Perfect Mascara for Your Eyes?

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