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How to Manage Bruising After an Atlanta Facelift Surgery
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The fact remains that a well-done facelift definitely requires a reasonably large area for the easy mobilization of soft tissues. The degree of this mobilization of tissue often equates to the actual degree of bruising an Atlanta facelift patient experiences. According to some experts, a longer surgical procedure often correlates to more bruising. Hence, if you are considering multiple procedures like a facelift, eyelid surgery, and brow lift, the bruising extent will likely be greater. On the other hand, if you choose a board-certified surgeon, there is not much risk with the degree of scarring or bruising.

Note that bruising is a natural phenomenon, our body’s way of responding to damage, injuries and surgical changes. A facelift surgery usually leads to some amount of bruising around the mid and lower face and rest assured, this means you are healing. The healing process of every patient varies, so it is quite difficult to predict the bruising extent after the facelift surgery.

If you pre-plan this phase, you will be able to minimize the bruising throughout the course of healing.

Things You Should Expect From the Facelift Bruising

Before any cosmetic surgery, no patient wants to imagine scarring and bruising on his or her face. Definitely, it is something hard to hide and as the healing day's progress, it can turn out more painful than it actually should be. As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to predict the extent of bruising you will get, so it is understandable why so many patients take a step back when it comes to their post-operation appearance.

If you are the sort, who experiences bruising easily, this can be a clear indicator that you are having much more bruising than an average facelift patient is. Do not panic because this is not always the case. While predicting the amount of bruising is not in our hand, your Crispin Plastic Surgery surgeon will be able to guide and help you manage the after-effects of your facelift surgery.

The Appropriate Post-Operative Facelift Care

Your speedy, yet steady recovery will begin only after you follow the instructions your surgeon provides after your surgery. If you wish to avoid the chances of major bruising, the best chance you have is to get ample rest and manage your swelling and pain. Make sure that your head remains in an elevated position most of the time. As you limit the flow of blood in this manner, it is less likely that you develop dark bruises with a widespread.

Discuss with your surgeon regarding any other strategies they have to lessen the bruising, which results from the surgery. According to the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, every candidate should know, “even though a facelift is a restorative surgery, it does not change the appearance of your face and in no way does it stop the process of aging.”

Covering the Atlanta Facelift Bruises

One of the most popular strategies for covering up the surgery healing process (bruises and scars) is to apply cosmetic products on the bruised areas. Makeup alone has the power to cover any form of discoloration, uneven tone and if you use it in the correct way, it can blend out splotches. Following these simple tips, men and women can both use makeup products effectively to cover facelift bruises and scars in a natural appearing way.

·         Choose formulas with a thicker consistency so it adheres to the soft scar tissue. At the same time, this should allow room for the scars to heal

·         Discuss your options with a makeup expert. Avoid the use of local products and only opt for branded cosmetics

·         You should work with makeup professions to help you match the products with your natural skin tone

·         Search for products that are suitable for sensitive skin, free of dyes, fragrances, non-pore clogging and hypoallergenic ones

·         Choose concealers in forms suitable to you (could be liquid, powder or cream). This comes in handy to hide darker bruises that surround the mid-face and eyes.

When you choose the suitable formulas and preferred tone for your skin, you have to apply it in the best ways to make it appear natural. You can use a foam wedge, starting with small amounts at a time and work around your face. Starting with small amounts will help you to build up the appropriate coverage and know the right amount of makeup you need to use.

Gentle Application is Vital

After your facelift surgery, you have to wait for the time your surgeon gives you a green light before you can finally cover the scars and bruise with makeup products. During the first few weeks, you need to rest so covering up should not be something on your priority list. Follow the tips your surgeon gives you. This will help you to avoid skin irritation, infections, and delays in healing. At any time, if the makeup products cause itching or redness, you have to stop its use immediately and consult your surgeon.

Bruising post facelift is a normal thing. Just make sure that you keep your face away from sunlight, harmful cosmetic products and follow a healthy diet plan to boost the healing process. Choose a board-certified surgeon to prevent the risks of excessive bruising and enhance the surgery results. 

By Angela John
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Biography: Angela John is working as Content Strategist. She is a Beauty Blogger health Blogger and public speaker. Her goal is to educate people about various health conditions beauty and about wedding trends. She is a passionate writer.

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How to Manage Bruising After an Atlanta Facelift Surgery

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