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How to get nail polish dried up faster
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 Most women have experienced the frustration of spending a lot of time cleaning, toning, polishing of the fingernails and toenails in some beauty salon, but they are ruined after several minutes. They think the manicured nails can get dried during 5 to 15 minutes at room temperature and then they can do other things. However, the nails are not completely dry after that time frame. Invariably, the customer nicks or smudges the nails after leaving the beauty salon or out of the door. As a result, the damaged nails must be redone and still more time spent in waiting for the nail polish to dry. A waste of time, energy and money, why not get a nail dryer machine to help you.

Nail dryers are the modern day solution to help your nails dry up in minutes. So no more wasting time sitting and waiting for your manicures get dry. As technology evolves there is a lot of new creation for the nail dryers from different shapes to different functions to the most affordable. Many manicurists still have no sense to use nail dryers machine to assist in drying fingernails or toenails after a polish is applied. However, nail dryer machines are an essential to the nail art. They can bring many benefits as follows:

1. Quick drying of nail polish;
2. Drying nails to a completely hardened nail polish that will not smudge or nick;
3. Dry both hands or both feet at one time;
4. Dry nails in a brief time period of no more than six minutes;
5. Easy to use and completely automatic;

6. Drying nails in an inexpensive and dependable way.

Nail dryers include a temperature manager which controls the heat coming out from it. Too much heat can dry up nails but cool air is recommended. Dryers also have both warm and cool airflow passage, non-slip hand grip, and finger rest. For a more complex design added features are presented like a light indicator, easy to carry and models in portable form. UV nail dryers are more expensive but offer more useful features. They not only have both hot and cool airflows, but also are easy adjustment of temperatures using keypads, curved edges that give utmost comfort, settings that goes from fast to extra fast nail drying. Also, UV nail dryers have spacious room for both hand drying, clear window to view the drying procedure and a light that indicates the beginning and end of the process. These models are very durable and light-weight that can be of both beauty salon and personal use.

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