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How you can take control of your mind and your life and of the programs running it, easily and once and for all
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Life, like in the Matrix movies, is a really complex operating software with lots of programs, creating the illusion of reality (when the “real world” is, unlike in the movie, just consciousness and energy). Your habits and experiences that repeat themselves are like PC programs that load automatically. Where do these programs come from? From our environment, our experiences and from and other people.

Most of these programs are not part of the original software we were born with, but were created because of downloads of information from our environment throughout all our lives. We love to download off the Internet, legally or otherwise: the latest tv show episode, new music, movies, software etc. We are downloading and uploading all the time when online: to access this page your computer had to send (upload) the request for the page, and then receive (download) the page as data stream, and voila you're reading this article. We are downloading and uploading all the time in life as well. Whenever somebody is sharing their views, or any information with you, they're uploading new information in your database, in your mind, which can later become integrated in an existing program, or become a new program and way of being altogether.

New information however, especially if you are not a child anymore, doesn't become part of you automatically: it's up to your “firewalls, antiviruses and spam filters”, (your perception of what you hear or see, which in turn is shaped by your beliefs), often running in the background, without your conscious awareness, whether to accept the information or refuse it. When you're watching, reading or experiencing something new you're downloading new information. When you're repeating the same patterns, habits and doing things you've been doing for a long time you're using the same programs derived by old downloads of information, which are often obsolete and not updated or upgraded for a long time, and you're not learning anything new.

Upgrades are more and more frequent in computer software, why shouldn't the same thing be true for our habits and behaviours, especially if they are not useful anymore? If you are upset about something and you automatically reach for a cigarette, for alcohol or for a bag of chips, you're going on autopilot, acting from programs derived from downloads of information (beliefs, feelings, events) that probably come from your childhood. Maybe you've seen one of your parents act this way when they were upset, or maybe you've associated food or alcohol with relaxation, or both.

Right now while you're reading this you're most likely in what is called a Beta state (for an explanation of brainwaves please go here) which means that you can reason, ponder and choose what to accept from this article and what to disregard. When you were little however, you were in a Theta state most of the time; this is like browsing the Internet and downloading with very little or no protection, without a spam filter, a firewall or an antivirus. When you were a child, once the info (the belief about life the world etc) was downloaded, it becomes part of your operating system without your conscious knowledge or consent, regardless of the content. Wouldn't it be great if you could pull up task manager to see what is running in your mind? And wouldn't it be nice to click a button and end a useless or damaging process? You can start your own task manager by monitoring what thoughts are going on in your head, by looking at your life and asking what are your recurring patterns, and what you would like to change.

From there you can start finding the beliefs that are running in the background. If you find yourself over and over again in abusive relationships one of the beliefs you may have is that “men are bastards” or “I am unworthy”. If you find yourself in jobs you don't like doing over and over again you could be running the programs “work is supposed to be unpleasant” or “others can do fun jobs but not me”. Whatever beliefs you have, they are downloads and part of your programming code, and experiences and habits that validate them will show up in your matrix/life. A habit can have 15 beliefs or hundreds of beliefs making it up. Hundreds? This may seem one too many to tackle, but just as clicking the right button or deleting or writing one specific line in a program may delete the whole program, often you just need to find one or a handful of beliefs holding the others up. How do you find them? More importantly, once you find the key beliefs how do you delete them? There are a lot of great modalities out there to do that nowadays. I practice Theta Healing, an easy and amazing modality I also teach, for the fast and lasting results it delivers, light years ahead of most modalities I have encountered. Theta Healing is also easy and very fun to learn and practice.

With it you can quickly find the beliefs and traumas at the bottom of your issues, be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, thanks to an inquiring process called “digging”. Once beliefs are found you can easily delete them and replace them with ones that help you and upgrade your software. In Theta Healing there are also, literally, downloads of feelings. Let's say that you've been the happiest in your life while you were at a cinema, as a child eating popcorns. Your mind might have associated popcorns with happiness. Also, you might have thought that the feelings you experienced then were the definition for happiness, your reference point for it and that you can't ever be happier in your life than you were on that occasion or that you can never experience happiness differently. Who has the purest definition, perspective and understanding of happiness you can imagine? If you said God you're right! Most people, including a lot of scientists, believe in God or a “Force” that created the Universe, whether they call it God, Goddess, Source, Creator, Absolute, Allah, Shiva, Krishna, Oneness, or by any other name.

More and more people are realizing, finally, that all Gods are one, whatever the religion or spirituality. The difference is one of affinity for one stream or the other, because all of them lead to the same Source. More and more people are also realizing that God is us and we are God, without separation. Before reading forward, please check within you what happiness feels like for you, what's your definition, perspective and understanding for you. Also, what do you imagine is happiness for God? What do you think it feels like for God, and what about His/Her definition of happiness? Do the same thing for Unconditional Love too. Done? Read forward. Surely, as hinted before, God, or the part of you that remembers it is One with God, has a higher and more pure definition, understanding and perspective of happiness than you do. Do you want to have that, know what that feels like, and that God's perspective, understanding and definition be the same as yours? Close your eyes and say Yes out loud now if you do, because in Theta Healing feelings can be download it from God, and they can be embedded in files, songs, documents, ready to be downloaded over and over again when somebody consciously agrees to having them.

Would you like to have God's perspective, understanding and definition of unconditional love now, without having to earn it, learn it or prove it, and that God's perspective, understanding and definition is the same as yours? Would you like to know what unconditional love feels like, that you're worthy and deserving of it, that it's safe to have it, that you have it now? If you would like to please close your eyes and say Yes out loud, now, and savor the feelings coming in. How did the downloads feel like? Do you feel different than before? If not, would you like to know what it feels like to recognize when something has changed and how to recognize that something has changed? If you want to close your eyes and say Yes out loud now, then check your feelings again.

How does happiness feel like now? And Unconditional Love? In Theta Healing feelings that don't serve you may be taken away, as well. For instance you may have run a program of depression all your life, and you don't know or don't remember what living without that software feels like. A lot other processes comprise Theta Healing, to make it a well rounded modality always expanding and updating. Choose to learn Theta Healing now, book a session or both, and take charge and control of the programs running your mind and your world.

By Antonella Ercolani Theta Healing Basic and Advanced Instructor and Practitioner, Cer
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Author: Theta Healing Basic and Advanced Instructor and Practitioner, Cer

Biography: I have been interested in working with energy all my life and I have studied and practiced various methods, among which Reiki, Psych-k, EFT, Metamorphosis and Matrix Energetics

The modalities that I found most remarkable have been Theta Healing and BodyTalk System

Theta Healing has been founded by Vianna Stibal, an amazing woman who healed herself instantly from cancer with this technique

Theta Healing amazed me for its effectiveness and potential for health, self development and spiritual well being

I certified as a Basic and Advanced Theta Practitioner

I believe that it's good to give people fishes, but it's sooo much better to teach them how to fish, so I certified as a Theta DNA Basic and Advanced Teacher with Vianna Stibal

I love seeing the changes in people when they learn the technique, in just three days their outlook of what's possible expands and so much joy and happiness fills the seminar!

I've also studied BodyTalk, which I use in my practice for the depth of detail it can go to and the great results

Everyone has their path and their preferences in healing as in anything else, and I truly feel that BodyTalk and Theta Healing are among the most advanced healing modalities available on the planet today

Some of the seminars I've taken:

Theta Healing

Basic DNA2, Advanced DNA2, Basic DNA2 Teachers, Advanced DNA2 Teachers, Manifestation and Abundance (Certified to teach M and A as well)


Module 1, 2, 3, 4/7, 6, 9, Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers, Mindscape, PaRama Unit 1, PaRama Unit 1 Practical, PaRama Unit 2
I am currently enrolled in the PaRama College, which involves the study and research of the latest advancements in BodyTalk

Matrix Energetics

Level 1 and 2

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How you can take control of your mind and your life and of the programs running it, easily and once and for all
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