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Hypnosis and Waistline?

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The use of hypnosis for weight loss has been around since AMA authorized hypnosis in 1958 as a method for controlling stress related overeating. It has always been a controversial topic, and some people still believe that this is some kind of hocus-pocus.

I think that it is unrealistic to expect few sessions of hypnotherapy to work miracles and you wake up trimmed and rejuvenated. No, it does not work like that and this is probably the explanation for why so many people feel resentful to use hypnosis. It is because of the high and unrealistic expectations that can not be met.

What hypnosis can actually do is to provide motivation to keep the weight loss goals, and enable you to breakdown many of the barriers that get in the way of your weight loss.

Hypnotherapy can help re-educate the part of the brain that creates food cravings.

Since unresolved stress is the major reason for any additional unwanted pounds on your body, hypnosis can help by alleviating and eliminating the state of constant stress by solving problems and changing unwanted habits. It can also help develop new, more adapted behaviors, such as better concentration, greater self-confidence or stronger motivation.

It has been said and repeated so many times that permanent weight loss can occur only with a change in lifestyle. Weight loss is not about diet, nor exercise. It is much more complicated that that. It is also about sleep habits, job related stress, vacation deprivation, and sex life.

Considering the fact that a professional hypnotist will usually charge you around 200 to 300 dollars for a single hour I would recommend starting by using my (free) favorite quick and easy stress-relief techniques.

A popular alternative is to order self hypnosis weight loss program from a reputable, credentialed hypnotherapist. A good pre-recorded program will commence with a session that explains the misconceptions about hypnosis for losing weight, and how it actually works. Since everyone is different, it will then provide several different self-hypnosis weight loss sessions, and each session will use a variety of different hypnotic techniques. Hypnosis weight management programs are available for as little as 25 to 30 dollars. Since CDs are more inexpensive, they can be a workable substitute for visiting a hypnotist.

To sum it up I would say that if you can afford it try few sessions to speed the process of stress cleansing, get rid of your cravings, and keep the motivation in the direction of your weight loss goals without any harm. If you can not afford it, you will find all the solutions free of charge on my website.

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By Neli Stoyanova MD
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Neli Stoyanova MD

Author: MD

Biography: Neli Stoyanova MD, is a medical researcher in the field of obesity and heart disease. She acts in an advisory capacity to numerous journals and health related web sites.

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