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Immune System - Stronger or Smarter
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We all know how important it is to have an immune system that is working well in order to combat and ward off allergies.  Each of us is becoming more aware of the products that we eat and drink so that we strengthen our immune system.  Many people I come across believe that strengthening our immune system is the answer to dealing with their allergies and are disappointed when reactions continue, despite having taken extra vitamins to boost their immune system.  The truth is that while it is important to have a strong immune system, strength alone isn’t everything.
If we were to really think about an allergic response, whether it is a dog allergy, cat allergy, food allergy or whatever, what is really going on?  Allergies are overreactions to substances called allergens.  Let us use the example of a cat allergy although the same logic can be used for most allergies.  The immune system will detect cat dander and then fight against it.  The stronger the immune system, the stronger will be the allergic response.  This isn’t very helpful.  In fact it can be very dangerous.

So I suggest that what we need is a smarter immune system, not just a stronger one.  A smarter immune system will be able to detect cat dander and choose not to fight, choose not to have an allergic reaction.  When this happens, the immune system can reserve its strength for fighting those substances that really are dangerous.  

So yes, eat well, exercise and make your immune system strong.  But remember that we also need an intelligent general to direct the troops.  Teaching the troops what to fight against and what to leave alone is all part of being smart.  It makes sense that being smart as well as being strong is included in effective allergy treatment.

By Rob Mesrie NLP Master Health Practitioner; TPM Advanced Master Practitioner
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Rob Mesrie NLP Master Health Practitioner; TPM Advanced Master Practitioner


Biography: Rob Mesrie is the founder of Allergy Alternatives. He regularly assists clients with allergies to retrain their immune system not to have an allergic response.

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Immune System - Stronger or Smarter?

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