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Improve Your Environment For Better Health
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Nowadays there are pollutants everywhere you turn. From plastic waste to many other forms of natural and man-made waste there are many ways that your environment may be affecting your health. Below are just a few key things to be aware of to have better overall health from the inside out.

Avoid Smoking

For many years experts have been schooling individuals on the dangers of smoking yet there are still tons of people all over the world that partake in smoking. Not only does smoking cause serious illness and disease it can also cause the lungs, skin and even the organs to not perform as well. Even secondhand smoke is bad or even worse than smoking. Avoid being around smoke, especially in enclosed spaces such as cars.


As beautiful and amazing as the sun is it also comes with some harmful effects. The sun has many damaging UV rays which are harmful to humans and even possibly pets. Be sure to lather up with sunscreen before going outside, even on cloudy days as the sun is still present. Be sure to reapply sunscreen as directed on the instructions. For best results apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outdoors.


Many underestimate the importance of having plants around. Not only do they help to increase humidity in the air they also help to reduce certain pollutants in the environment. Plants also help to reduce carbon dioxide levels while increasing oxygen levels. Some of the other benefits of plants include keeping the air temperature down as well as helping to reduce dust. There are a variety of different plants on the market from small ones to big ones and even a variety of different colored ones. For pet owners be sure to pay attention to plants poisonous to dogs as there are some as you enjoy outdoor activities.


Although germs are not totally avoidable as they are everywhere there are some things one can do to help avoid extra germs. The most important factor is to wash hands thoroughly after using the bathroom and before eating. Most experts agree that washing vigorously with soap for at least 20-30 seconds is the best way to kill germs and get rid of dirt. Another great idea to avoid extra germs is to try to avoid touching popular things such as door knobs and door handles as well as public banisters. Instead use your foot, arm or cover your hand with your shirt to open doors.


Dust can be harmful to the lungs especially for those who may suffer from medical conditions such as asthma. Dust especially when inhaled can cause irritation of the throat, coughing and even irritation of the eyes.

Fumes And Asbestos

Although fumes and asbestos really only applies to those who are planning on doing building or construction work or being in a work area both can be very dangerous and hazardous to health. Asbestos exposure can damage the lungs and cause coughing as well as shortness of breath. Fume exposure especially from gas, chemicals and even paint can have many negative effects on the body including breathing problems, coughing and a variety of other health issues. When working on or near a construction or remodeling site always wear a mask and work in a well-ventilated area. Also be sure to report any asbestos or gas issues to emergency personnel.


Overall there are many different irritants and pollutants in the environment around you. Being aware is the best way to help avoid any problem. Keeping hands clean and avoiding pollutants such as cigarette smoke are some great ways to make the environment around you healthier.

By Craig Middleton
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Improve Your Environment For Better Health
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