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Improved Posture for a Healthy Back
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Improved Posture - CIABASAN Posture Trainers

Good posture consists of efficiently balancing the body weight around the body's centre of gravity in the lower spine and pelvis.  It is dependent on the shape of the spine and on balanced contraction of muscles around the spine and in each limb.  The bones and muscles in the body act in unison to form the musculoskeletal system, with the muscles acting like guy ropes. 

Maintaining good posture helps prevent neck and back pain.  Poor posture can result from sitting badly or standing and walking  with slouched shoulders.  Obesity also puts an increased strain on muscles, or it can be a result of neurological disorders such as Parkinson's, cerebral palsy; muscle disorders such as muscular dystrophy or disorders of the joints such as ankylosing spondylitis. 

Ciabasan (pronounced "chiabasan") Posture Trainers are recommended by clinics for an easy way to improve posture, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, without effort.  The Posture Trainers are heel-less, posture enhancing, clinically tested, orthopaedically correct footwear from Italy.  This unisex footwear is stylish and affordable.  Regular wearing of the shoes, which produces a gymnastic effect, only to be worn in the home,   improves posture by pushing the pelvic area forward and the shoulder area naturally backward, so that the correct balance is maintained. By wearing the shoes 15-30 minutes a day a particular group of muscles are stimulated, which normally are stimulated very little.  This group includes the spinal erectors (back muscles), the abdominal muscles, the buttocks, those of the lower limbs down to the inner muscles of the feet. improving posture when worn regularly.  

Simultaneously, the plantar arch is stimulated, improving circulation as tested by an Italian College of Phlebology benefiting lymphatic drainage.  We are therefore speaking of a special gymnastic effect on a variety of problems connected to backache, posture and cellulite caused by fluid retention. In addition, the trainers stimulate the reflexology zones in the foot to aid well being.  Amongst the numerous neural reflex zones on the soles of your feet which are stimulated by wearing Ciabasan footwear, are the thyroid gland, heart, lungs, liver, solar plexus, stomach, kidneys and pancreas. 


So many people feel that nothing can be done for their back problems, as they feel they have probably exhausted all avenues.  This is not true.  Using state of the art technology - 21st Century BackCare it is possible to live a pain free life.  Most back pain is mechanical in origin (90%) and therefore the majority of cases can be helped.

By Irene Philips
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Improved Posture for a Healthy Back
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