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Incredible Immunity to Reoccurring Cold Sores
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Great news! Cold sores can be prevented with a steady course of good vitamin supplements. Discover how your body can develop super anti-bodies giving you immunity to cold sores. It is happening every day - this cold sore cure - and it can happen for you.

When your body is infected with a virus, it manufactures anti-bodies to defend you from illness. Your body needs a large amount of the proper nutrients to do this. These anti-bodies are formed using the basic building blocks - vitamins and minerals.

Your body not only hosts the virus that causes cold sores, but contains a multitude of other viruses as well. Believe it or not, you may even have the poliovirus in you. The good news - your body defenses keep these viruses dormant. You are considered IMMUNE to many of these viruses if your body defenses keep them from becoming active.

There are eight strains of the herpes simplex virus that we know of. The two strains responsible for cold sores are herpes simplex type 1 and type 2. The other five strains have been identified as causing diseases such as chickenpox, mono, and shingles.

Chickenpox can be a terrible disease, especially as an adult. But you seldom see it today because most of us have developed immunity to it.

Cold sore viruses are very small sub-microscopic living particles. Small enough, actually, that many can hide inside a single nerve cell. They are, in truth, a parasite. They need a host to survive and reproduce themselves. The virus that causes cold sores, fever blisters and oral herpes can only recreate themselves by forcing your cells to become virus-cloning factories.

The herpes virus will mutate and develop immunity to anti-viral prescriptions nearly as quickly as scientists develop them. Acyclovir and similar medicine are becoming less and less effective. There is no way to actually rid your body of any virus - including herpes. The key to success in fighting the cold sore virus is to develop such immunity to it that it cannot surface.

Our bodies were created to take care of themselves. Whenever any virus invades us, our body creates anti-bodies against that particular strain. Every time you get a cold sore, your body creates a fresh batch of anti-bodies to add to the existing army. Our body will create new anti-bodies just as fast as the viruses mutate. If created properly - with sufficient nutrients - these anti-bodies can make you immune to cold sores.

Vaccines, such as the polio vaccine, have been successful in curing many viral diseases. They are not designed to kill the virus directly but to aid the body in creating its own immunity to the virus - anti-bodies and killer cells. This is, by far, the best medicine for today's many virus threats. With cold sores, especially, you do not need the help of a vaccine. Your body can do it all for you - if you give it the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Food used to contain all the nutrients we needed daily. Now the land used for commercial farming is greatly depleted of nutrients - and so are the foods grown or grazed on these lands.

Scientists recently stated that it would take 60 servings of spinach today to equal one serving in 1949. Our bodies are starving. Researchers now feel that this may be a major reason why chronic diseases are epidemic today. We simply have weak immune systems. I believe this is why there are more people getting cold sores today - and with increasing frequency.

Hopefully I have helped you understand the importance of taking a daily vitamin and mineral regimen. Simply put, it helps build better and more powerful anti-bodies. Many people today, using this method, are reducing and preventing cold sores in their lives. You can too.

By Denny Bodoh
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Denny Bodoh is a 35-year newspaper veteran, and dedicated health research author.

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