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Is The Alexander Technique Effective In Relieving Back Pain
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Background to Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique originated in Australia in the 1890's and later developed in England, where its founder, Frederick Matthais Alexander settled.

There are many advocates of the Alexander Technique and its many benefits, these include high profile people such as Sir Paul McCartney, Sting, William Hurt and George Bernard Shaw.

In Australia, doctor and physiologist Dr. David Garlick, described Frederick Alexander

as showing a shrewd understanding of how the brain worked, despite not being a physiologist. Garlick believed

Alexander had found the key for stopping unconscious negative habits of muscle use. (Lost Sixth Sense Garlick 1990).

Recent Trail Research

Recently a study published in the British Medical Journal in August 2008 has shown significant long-term benefit from Alexander Technique lessons for low back pain.

The study, titled, Randomized controlled trial of Alexander Technique lessons, involved@579 patients with chronic or recurrent low back pain.@@Among other things a certain proportion@received six Alexander Technique lessons, and another group@received 24 Alexander Technique lessons.

The results, in summary, were:

* 24 Alexander Technique@lessons proved to be most beneficial
* Six lessons followed by exercise were about 70% as effective as 24 lessons
* Long-term benefits unlikely to be due to placebo effect

Alexander Technique Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

There are numerous Alexander Technique teachers in major Australian cities. Teachers qualify by doing a training course, generally over 3 years, though this may be longer where part-time training is involved. Teacher training involves mainly hands on teaching and work with experienced Alexander Instructors. Teachers also learn theory and anatomy.

You can find Alexander Technique Melbourne from a number of online sources including www.backpaindirectory.com.au.

By Jason Li Alexander Technique Teacher
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Is The Alexander Technique Effective In Relieving Back Pain?

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