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Keeping to Your Weight Loss Goals
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So you want to lose weight? The issue is not can you, for you can. The issue is how, and how effectively and easily.

I agree there are probably countless quick fix programmes around that may work for a few, but how many can you trust? Bear in mind that amongst these quick fixes there are genuine weight loss programs that with the right attitude will keep you fit, trim and healthy.

My aim is a series of articles explaining reasons for weight gain and ways to lose weight naturally and keep it lost.

You may try and lose some, only for the weight to come back with a rage. There are reasons why weight loss programs fail. Knowing a bit about the nature of our body can help understand these reasons.  

In previous articles I have commented that weight loss can be maintained without a major change of lifestyle. The proviso is that your lifestyle is reasonably healthy to begin with. Sensible eating and some exercise will keep you on track. However, unless you are the type who is forever thin, if your diet is highly fatty and you do little exercise then you need some change to lose your weight.

What many realise in the end is that changing your everyday lifestyle is not easy. This is because it is a habit. It will be very easy to give up when the desired result looks too far away. If you need to change your lifestyle you will need motivation to keep it up. So, lets look at ways to keep your spirits up to give you encouragement in keeping to your weight loss goals.

Firstly, you need to believe that you can do it. Many have in the past. Many will in the future. Why shouldn't you? Believe in your ability to not give up and you will succeed. Easier said than done? Yes, for belief is not easy without some evidence to base it on. It is difficult to see end results when your goal is distant in time and weight.

So, how do you start to believe? Step by step, "gently does it".

I hear frequently the term "what builds up fast can fall down fast" for there is no solid foundation established. If built slowly, if it falls, it will not fall all the way as underlying foundations will arrest the fall quickly. You then need to rebuild a small part rather than start from scratch.

Focus on a step at a time, on small victories that are building up to the end success. Do not worry if weight is not coming off fast. "Gently does it". I do know someone who lost a ton of weight in 8 weeks. But then, he did a marine commando course and was exercising 25 hours a day. When laid up injured it came back with vengeance.

Concentrate on the small amounts you will lose from the next healthy meal or next exercise session. Repeat this concentration on subsequent meals and exercise and reflect on the cumulative losses. These losses backed up by scales or any difference you notice in your appearance will give you the belief.

You may occasionally fall a bit by missing some exercise or eating the wrong food by dining out a lot for a period. Remember you are building your weight loss with solid foundations and belief. You do not have to go far to get back on schedule. You can achieve what you believe.

By Dung Nguyen Ngoc
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Nguyen Ngoc Dung has an interest in researching self improvement and health aspects, combining the physical and mental in relation to the western and eastern worlds.

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